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Support for projects that are ready to be implemented TRANSITION(S) 2050 – Bioeconomy | Companies | Trades for the ecological transition

This call for expressions of interest is aimed at laboratories, research teams and/or design offices working in the field of foresight, especially in bioeconomic sectors.

Axis 2 of the call for expressions of interest (AMI) aimed to deepen and enrich the future work “Transition(s) 2050” on several sectors of the bioeconomy.

The work carried out within the framework of the “Transition(s) 2050” project has made it possible to highlight 4 distinct trajectories for the development of our lifestyle and production in 2050 to feed the necessary transition reflections in relation to the climate. change.

It appears from this work that the living sectors and land use choices are crucial to achieving carbon neutrality targets, both to store carbon, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or to provide biomass that can replace fossil fuels.

Nevertheless, several areas of work in these sectors of the bioeconomy require further studies to enrich the work done.

The ambition of this CEI is to bring out relevant projects that challenge and strengthen “Transition(s) 2050”, especially regarding agriculture, food, bioenergy and land use.

To fulfill this ambition, AMI targets several work themes on which projects can be submitted:

  1. regionalization of scenarios to integrate regional contexts and issues, especially the availability of water resources and their uses;
  2. assessment of robustness and/or vulnerability the agricultural and forestry sectors and the downstream food and energy sectors that depend on them, in light of the expected impacts of climate change, especially extreme scenarios;
  3. environmental impact assessment (Biodiversity, Soil quality, Water resources) and socio-economic (household budget, distribution of wealth along the value chain, etc.).

Two types of projects are expected in this AMI according to their maturity:

  • AXIS 1: New projects – Support for pre-configuration of projects (see the dedicated assistance system);
  • AXIS 2: Consolidated projects – Support for projects that are ready to be implemented.

Project managers are encouraged to create partnerships on a territorial scale to better objectify the special conditions of these areas.

It is also about producing knowledge and common methods, as transparent as possible. In fact, projects are expected to openly share the calculations performed and the databases used (or developed) to enable a more effective dissemination of the results to other areas or complementary work in the future.

In addition to the scope of the winning projects, it is also a matter of encouraging the replication and dissemination of the results of the AMI projects in order to have a significant impact on the transition process of the entire national territory.

The financial support that ADEME provides will depend on the targeted axis:

  • AXIS 1: 20 k€ maximum (see the dedicated help system);
  • AXIS 2: 150 k€ maximum.

AMI timeline:

  • 15 January 2023: deadline for submitting applications on AXIS 1 (see the dedicated support system);
  • 10 March 2023: deadline for submitting applications for AXIS 2.

The operation for which you are requesting financial assistance must not have started or given rise to firm commitments (in any form: signed contract, signed order, accepted estimate, etc.).



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