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Black Friday is the symbol of consumption stimulated by seasonal promotions from the biggest brands and national and international brands. Insurance close to you, which covers both means of payment and certain consumer goods, gives you a very noticeable peace of mind for the occasion and also makes it possible to fight against the famous planned obsolescence… Close-up of the role of insurance that adapts to all your needs and wishes!

Black Friday: your flagship products in the spotlight (hi-fi, digital, home appliances, etc.)

While Black Friday prepares both in department stores and at home, the 2022 edition should in turn be very successful due to significant savings easily achievable . According to a Fevad/Médiamétrie barometer published in January 2022, in the top 15 of the most purchased products and services, technical products and household appliances concern 35% of e-shoppers . It is therefore a lot of products that Internet users are preparing to acquire soon, and which must be protected as much as possible from everyday vagaries and damage.

This is good because precisely the three families of home furnishing products covered by the Premium formula of Boursorama Protection are the following:

  • The White (small appliances, large appliances, free-standing and built-in)
  • The brown one (TV, hi-fi, etc.)
  • Grey (printer, devices from the computer range, image and sound area, etc.).

Did you know ? If you are a Boursorama Banque customer and holder of a METAL card, the Boursorama Protection Premium insurance is included at no extra cost in your offer. Think about it!

With broad and comprehensive insurance, your purchases are better covered and therefore more durable.

Having insurance that covers as much equipment as possible, while offering a wide range of warranties, can help extend the life and use of your everyday devices at a low cost.

Thus Boursorama Protection Premium Plan fulfills a dual need for extended protection and durability:

  • Protect your new everyday gear by having it repaired at home …instead of replacing them at all costs. To the extension of the manufacturer’s warranty, with an initial duration of 2 years, an additional warranty of 3 years is actually added. By postponing the deadline for disposal of certain household waste (bulky items, electronics, etc.), the extension of the appliance’s manufacturer’s warranty contributes to the concrete limitation of your environmental footprint. Everyone wins: your device, your wallet, and the planet!
  • Apply this manufacturer’s warranty extension to your eligible equipment even before the subscription (1) of the insurance agreement, for global and optimized coverage. For those of you who already have a good selection of high-tech devices at home, this is good news!
  • Compensate yourself if applicable : loss, theft, out of service (1). When there is no other choice but permanent replacement, your insurance may cover part of the cost (2) so that you are not penalized by the situation (loss, theft or irreparable malfunction of a device).

Insuring your equipment is good, but who also thinks of you is better!

Your choice should be on insurance with extended guarantees, which go beyond the purely material protection of items, often offered as part of a paid option by traditional distribution brands. Boursorama Protection meets this need and provides, in addition to affordable and comprehensive coverage for everyday devices, protection adapted to your personal belongings. means of payment, keys, wallets, identity papers, leather goods, mobile phones and tablets… Even better, the insurance also predicts damage in connection with new forms of fraud or in the image and covers you in the event of identity theft or damage to your e-reputation !

Thanks to your new comprehensive insurance, you avoid the worries and difficulties of a practical or administrative nature that you will be exposed to in the event of a claim or malicious action . Concretely, your benefits are easily measurable in relation to possible refunds, of which here are some examples:

  • Up to €300 for loss or theft of keys*
  • Up to €3,000 for fraudulent use of your means of payment (all banks)*
  • Up to €5,000 for everyday appliances (max. 3 damages per year)**
  • Up to €15,000 coverage of legal costs in the event of damage to your e-reputation or theft of your identity**

*Included in Boursorama Essential Protection
**Exclusive to Boursorama Protection Premium (in addition to the guarantees specific to the Essential formula)

The range of possible guarantees is therefore wide: it all depends on what you want to entrust with your daily life insurance. The intense period of online shopping with Black Friday is an opportunity to think about the protection of your transactions carried out with a Boursorama bank card and the durability of your equipment nomads or household appliances that can definitely be optimized!

Good to know :
Don’t underestimate the number of mobile connected objects that need to be covered in your home! The list is long: mobile phone and smartphone, laptop, netbook, touchpad, graphics palette, printer, e-reader, portable game console, digital camera, portable game console and DVD player… So what are you waiting for to take out a single policy to protect your entire galaxy of products?
Discover the terms and conditions for subscribing to Boursorama Protection Premium: it is this way!

With insurances such as Boursorama Protection Premium, which integrates the simplification of your daily life and increased life of your household appliances, you will make your purchases without calculating the cost of a technical intervention, because the repair option will be included: it is better for the planet and for your mental load. In anticipation of Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and even upcoming Christmas shopping, be ready to put the devices you care about under high protection!

Ségolène M. ([email protected])

(1) See details of the conditions in the information notice available from the Boursorama Protection page
(2) Subject to eligibility


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