Live in the United States | 13 days

Live in the United States |  13 days

In the southeastern United States, Florida is the ideal destination for an unforgettable family adventure. There is no shortage of discoveries and activities, and the atmosphere that prevails there is unique. Head to Orlando to enjoy the many theme parks, a paradise for young and old. Visit the Walt Disney World park, including the Magic … Read more

The 10 Most Famous Streets in the United States

Shops, traffic, architecture… Some streets and avenues of the largest cities in the USA attract many travelers who discover them day and night. To visit major American cities by going to the essentials, follow our selection of the 10 must-see streets in the United States. From 5th Avenue in New York to Hollywood Boulevard in … Read more

Ten unusual museums to visit in the United States

Mustard, UFOs, barbed wire, hammers, advertising neon lights, salt shakers… Some American museums are interested in improbable themes that are completely unexpected. Overview of these places like no other. Do you want to change traditional cultural visits during your stay in the United States? By their theme, their location or their architecture, some unique American … Read more

Ten Most Iconic Landmarks in the United States

What do you absolutely have to see on a trip to the United States? Here are ten places most representative of American history and culture, from New York to San Francisco via Washington, Seattle or Chicago. Historic, unusual, excessive… The most famous monuments in the United States attract millions of travelers every year who come … Read more