Prisoner executed in the United States despite the opposition of the relatives of the victim

Authorities in the US state of Alabama executed Thursday evening, July 28, a man convicted of murdering his former girlfriend, despite opposition from his victim’s family. Joe Nathan James, a 49-year-old African-American, received a lethal injection in a penitentiary in this rural state in the southern United States. He was pronounced dead at 9:27 p.m. … Read more

the improbable friendship of a lawyer and his client, saved from the guillotine

40 years ago to the day, the death penalty was abolished in France. We come back to it through a story of improbable friendship between Maurice Hincellin, alias Titisse, a little thug turned killer, and his lawyer Alain Fraitag, who saved his head nearly half a century ago. This is Release who tells us their … Read more

black teenager cleared of murder 91 years after execution

He had been sentenced to death and executed at 16 for murder: 91 years later, a court in Pennsylvania, in the eastern United States, this week recognized the innocence of Alexander McClay Williams, giving justice to this African-American and his only surviving 92-year-old sister. Read alsoDeath penalty: executioner in France, history of a taboo job … Read more