Qin Gang, the ambassador to the United States, the new foreign minister

Qin Gang, the ambassador to the United States, the new foreign minister

Published on: 31/12/2022 – 11:30 China has a new foreign minister in the form of Qin Gang, previously ambassador to the United States. Signs of the importance Beijing attaches to the Sino-US relationship. Polyglot, basketball fan, comfortable with the media and on social networks, Qin Gang embodies open and connected Chinese diplomacy, according to state … Read more

Europeans worried, US ready for “adjustments” to its climate plan

Europeans worried, US ready for "adjustments" to its climate plan

Published on: 11/12/2022 – 11:32 The American special climate envoy has tried to reassure the Europeans, while foreign car suppliers in particular fear being left out of the bonuses given to American consumers. John Kerry would reassure the Europeans with a small gesture a week later Emmanuel Macron’s state visit to the United States, but … Read more

The Commission must fight back – Release

The Commission must fight back - Release

Tribune Article reserved for subscribers The “green deal made in the USA” is a huge incentive to move investment outside of Europe. The EU Commission must come out of its ideological coma and protect its interests, MEP Emmanuel Maurel believes. Trade relations between the European Union and the United States have suddenly become strained, bringing … Read more

Brazil: Financial markets are ready to trust Lula if he succeeds in eliminating corruption

Lula and Geraldo Alckmin, president and vice president-elect of the leftist Workers’ Party (PT), celebrate after winning the second round of presidential elections in Sao Paulo on October 30, 2022. ©NELSON ALMEIDA / AFP Atlantico business Lula’s victory is welcomed by the whole world, including international financial circles, which are ready to help him lift … Read more

negotiations at the UN fail

Published on : 08/27/2022 – 09:15Modified : 08/27/2022 – 09:17 No agreement has been reached between the member states of the United Nations, who have been meeting for two weeks to agree on a treaty to protect the high seas, in particular through the creation of marine protected areas. Greenpeace has accused the EU, US … Read more

Olena Zelenska, the wife of the Ukrainian president, visits the United States

Published on : 07/19/2022 – 06:50Modified : 07/19/2022 – 06:52 As Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska continues her talks in the United States on Tuesday, Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan will talk in Tehran about mechanisms to allow the resumption of grain exports stuck in Ukrainian silos. Follow our live. 4:18 a.m .: Ukrainian … Read more

In this restaurant in Pristina, entry is prohibited to Europeans, a retaliatory measure

In this bar in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, EU citizens are persona non grata. The MAMA’S bar prohibits them from benefiting from “free movement” in this restaurant, located close to the EULEX headquarters in the capital of Kosovo. Employees of this EU mission which supports the country in the institutions of the rule of … Read more

lawyers, on screen and in court

This is the story of a meeting. Militant, professional, friendly. Sylwia Gregorczyk and Michał Wawrykiewicz, two Polish lawyers, who barely knew each other, when they found themselves before the Supreme Court on July 23, 2017, in the midst of a demonstration for the independence of justice. → PORTRAIT. Poland: Igor Tuleya, rebellious judge despite himself … Read more

Headline: US reaffirms ‘full support’ for Lithuania in face of Russian threats

Published on : 06/22/2022 – 14:57 ” The United States stands firmly with Lithuania, its NATO partner », title the washington post. Washington, which yesterday recalled its “ unfailing attachment ” in article 5 of NATO which provides “ that an attack on an allied country is an attack on all “. Very clear warning … Read more