Can nitrites in charcuterie make you diabetic?

Can nitrites in charcuterie make you diabetic?

Nitrites, as additives, are used, for example, to preserve the ham better and to give it a more appetizing pink color. kuvona / DESCRIPTION – A large-scale French study published on Tuesday reports a potential excess risk for heavy consumers. Hams, sausages, sandwiches… More than 15,000 products with added nitrites or nitrates circulate on … Read more

For the food safety police, it’s a nightmare in the kitchen

AFP, published on Friday, December 9, 2022 at 10:06 a.m “We will file there, it’s not good.” Barely entered with their police escort in a dubious kebab at the exit of the station in Arnouville (Val-d’Oise), the agents for the control of hygiene understand that they have work to do. It’s almost noon before lunch … Read more

Introduction to fermentation, for tasty foods that are good for the microbiota

They give pep to your dishes, are excellent for your health and easy to prepare at home, fermented foods are investing more and more in kitchens. Decryption. Lacking oxygen can be good! You only need to leave some carrot or celery sticks in a tightly sealed jar for a while to be convinced. Under the … Read more

the easy recipe for making homemade mustard

Sandrine Duport manages the YouTube channel Meals and vegetable garden home-made. Long before the mustard shortage, she had made a video revealing her recipe for cooking this precious yellow condiment. She explains it in Here we are! The main ingredient of the recipe is none other than mustard seedsyou need at least 200 grams to … Read more

E.coli: scandal and contamination in a famous American restaurant chain

Romaine lettuce sandwiches causing several serious infections in the United States? The famous chain of American restaurants Wendy’s could be at the heart of an epidemic of contamination with the bacterium Escherichia coli. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 37 people said they were sick, and 10 others required hospitalization in … Read more

fake plastic food makers go wild

AFP, published on Saturday, August 20, 2022 at 12:51 p.m. In Japan, presenting dishes in the window with faithful reproductions in plastic is a habit of many restaurants. For once, the creators of these hyper-realistic objects have given free rein to their imagination for an exhibition of assumed kitsch. A “leaning tower of pizzas” dripping … Read more

Is dark chocolate really better than milk chocolate?

Between dark and milk, should we really favor one more than another? Getty Images The square of dark chocolate is reputed to be good for the heart, morale and against stress. But does its milk version really have nothing interesting to show? The point with two nutrition specialists. If there is a divisive subject at … Read more

My child refuses to eat vegetables: 10 tips to remedy this

This is the eternal question: should I punish my child when he refuses to eat? And the answer is clear: no, you would only make the problem worse. Don’t punish him, don’t lead a negotiation by promising something in exchange for a spoon, avoid “a spoon for dad, another for mom”, “make me happy” or … Read more

Are bagged green salads good for your health?

Lettuce, batavia, lamb’s lettuce, arugula… More than half of salad lovers buy their leaves in sachets. In Here we are on RTL, Flavie Flament says that when she eats a salad bought in a bag, she feels like she is “eating a salad with chemicals”. “We must not exaggerate, but indeed they are treated with … Read more