1262 agents ready to serve

1262 agents ready to serve

The 46th promotion of National Police cadets received their epaulettes on Tuesday, January 24, at the Training Department, formerly the National School of Dakar. A total of 1,262 police students were made available to the police force for the security of property and persons in the country after graduation. Among these 1262 there are 16 … Read more

reason to be angry?

Travel insurance: reason to be angry? 13 January 2023 Writing No comment Selected Travel insurance, Covid-19, France 2104 views For about a month, travel agents have been complaining about increases in their insurance premiums, so much so that it has become increasingly difficult for them to sell an insurance deal today because of the rates … Read more

As if by magic, the family finds the dog they left to die a slow death

​Bras Panon : Comme par magie, la famille retrouve le chien qu’elle laissait mourir à petit feu

This Thursday, December 22, Bras Panon’s municipal police invest the house. “The dog can’t even walk. He can barely lift his head… He’s deadly, anemic, exhausted. Water stagnant with mosquito larvae to drink”Cécile of the Association for Education in Animal Welfare (APEBA) said yesterday. The family finally gives in Despite the evidence and the urgency … Read more

Press release: Every fourth adult has changed their basic insurance to…

22.12.2022 – 00:30 comparis.ch AG A document 20221219_MM_KK-Wechsler_DA.pdfPDF – 203 KB Press release Representative survey on changes to health insurance Every fourth adult changed their basic insurance for the year 2023 In 2023, basic insurance premiums will increase by an average of 6.6 per cent. The increase in prices triggered a massive movement of fund … Read more

Press release: The rise in health insurance premiums undermines confidence…

Press release: The rise in health insurance premiums undermines confidence...

08.11.2022 – 00:30 comparis.ch AG A document MM_Financial_Outlook~ien_20221108_DA.pdfPDF – 147 KB Press release Representative Comparis health premium survey Rising health insurance premiums damage financial confidence In October 2022, every third person in Switzerland expects their financial situation to worsen compared to the previous year. Main reason cited: the increase in health insurance premiums. These are … Read more

He is soon deported with his 18 dogs, a call for solidarity is launched

Il est bientôt expulsé avec ses 18 chiens, un appel à la solidarité est lancé

“Please, we need you for these darlings and this gentleman who dedicates his life to his dogs”, the APEBA association launches this Sunday. A race against the clock is run before next Thursday. As with any operation of this nature, all eyes are on the households that can contribute. Foster families and associations are expected … Read more

Fools all over the world are ready for the 30th anniversary of the Grand Raid

Les Fous du monde entier sont prêts pour les 30 ans du Grand Raid

As every year, it is in the parking lot of the town hall in Saint-Pierre that the Grand Raid really begins. Before the race on the trails, there is a bib race for the participants. ONE “run in the race”, according to some, which is the opportunity to dive into the atmosphere before D-Day. A … Read more

The gendarmes come to a Saint-Louisien, the dog finishes the job

On October 5, 2022, following the use of information from the Operational Narcotics Intelligence Unit (CROSS), a judicial operation was organized to search the home of an individual likely to commit at the sale of zamal plants in the municipality of Saint-Louis. Supported by soldiers from the Saint-Pierre Gendarmerie Surveillance and Intervention Platoon (PSIG) and … Read more

Our surprising Creole literature!

Our two shock cops are back. Always as insightful, always as devious when it comes to chasing apprentice killers of all stripes. We cannot reproach our Reunionese literature for being monotonous. Books on history, geography, tourism, cooking recipes (sometimes more or less authentic); poetry, novels, theatre, biographies, essays, politics, sociology, you can find everything and, … Read more

Miracle, the lost dog from Piton des Neiges finds his family six months later

“He’s our Filou. He came home with us yesterday (Saturday). We lost him six months ago at the Plaine des Palmistes”entrusts us this Sunday his family. “When we saw his photo on your site, we knew it was him! He is very fearful with people he does not know, no one could have caught him, … Read more