the court of appeal decides to wait for the end of the investigation

The Paris Court of Appeal decided on Thursday April 14 to await the outcome of the criminal proceedings for rape against renowned lawyer Alex Ursulet, before deciding on his removal from the bar, we learned from a source. judicial. Read alsoEdmondo Bruti Liberati: “Criminal justice remains the ultimate bulwark against corruption» Accused of rape by … Read more

British motorists and lawyers demonstrate against inflation

Lawyers in gowns and wigs demanding an increase in their remuneration to snail operations on the roads for the drop in fuel prices, British inflation gave rise to new demonstrations on Monday. Read alsoModerna to build RNA vaccine research and production facility in UK Historic strike last month in the UK Against a background of … Read more

the lawyers reassembled against the Court of Cassation

By Paule Gonzales Posted on 01/25/2022 at 6:53 p.m., Update on 01/25/2022 at 21:28 The Keeper of the Seals, Éric Dupond-Moretti (here in his office, in September), promised before the National Conference of Presidents of the Bar a specific decree so that “the appointed lawyer with a permit in the context of police custody (can) … Read more

his lawyers denounce a procedure “outside the law”

It is the controversy that agitates France Insoumise. After coming out of his silence, it is the lawyers of journalist Taha Bouhafs who are now denouncing an “outside the law” procedureled by LFI’s Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Monitoring Committee (CVSS) which prevents him, according to them, from responding to the accusations against him, in a … Read more

After winning my case, I paid my lawyer €400 in fixed fees and €9,000 in success fees, which correspond to 10% of my winnings. Can I challenge them?

The lawyer’s fees must be set according to the financial means of the client. Adobe Stock Investments, real estate, law, daily life… The editorial staff of Le Particulier brings you its expertise and indicates all the legal references. According to the law (1)the lawyer’s fees must be set according to the financial means of the … Read more

The lawyer for the ex-boss of Assu 2000, accused of rape, denounces the media’s treatment of

Me Laure Heinich, lawyer for the former CEO of the Assu 2000 group, Jacques Bouthier, said Friday, June 24 to theAFP dismayed speak “media treatment” and the « reports fallacious” on the accusations of rape of a minor targeting his client. “What we can read borders on bad faith” The secrecy of the investigation and … Read more

RTL GUEST – “The lawyer is not there to acquit a culprit”, assures Me Francis Vuillemin

It is a role that intrigues, even shocks: that of the lawyers who defend the most serious criminals during their trial. For Francis Vuillemin, a criminal lawyer who notably defended Maurice Papon, Carlos or Mehdi Nemmouche, the lawyer is above all there to mitigate “the violence of the sentence to come”, but above all not … Read more

Justice. How a good lawyer can (partly) save the day

This article is for subscribers only Register for free and enjoy 14 days of unlimited access to all our articles! I’m registering Posted on 06/24/2022 at 14:59 The immediate appearance held on Thursday June 23, 2022 before the Évreux court gave rise to an oratorical and procedural contest around a “poor guy” who finally got … Read more

Is it up to the union to pay the lawyer’s fees to recover unpaid charges?

The editorial staff of Le Particulier Immobilier brings you its expertise on tax and regulatory issues closely affecting the world of co-ownership, rental investment, etc. The lawyer’s fees paid to initiate proceedings for the recovery of unpaid charges in court against a debtor co-owner do not appear in the list of costs attributable solely to … Read more

Paris lawyers display several candidates in outfits from the Ancien Régime

12 days before the first round of the presidential election, the noose is tightening for the candidates. The latter generally do not lack ideas to talk about them or their ideas. But they may come across an even more unexpected idea. From this Monday, March 28, Parisians will be able to observe in the streets … Read more