reason to be angry?

Travel insurance: reason to be angry? 13 January 2023 Writing No comment Selected Travel insurance, Covid-19, France 2104 views For about a month, travel agents have been complaining about increases in their insurance premiums, so much so that it has become increasingly difficult for them to sell an insurance deal today because of the rates … Read more

Price increase! Keep an eye out for insurance increases in January

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As every year on January 1, insurance prices rise: the most affected products are often those that are mandatory: – Housing – Office multi-risk – Public responsibility – Mutual – Foresight – Automotive These insurances represent incompressible expenses for a company, and reducing them makes it possible to generate savings. Therefore, it is important to … Read more

Do you need to take out ski insurance? Visa Premier, on the way… The answers to your main questions

Do you need to take out ski insurance?  Visa Premier, on the way... The answers to your main questions

Every winter, 8 million people visit the slopes of French ski resorts and areas, half of them during the 4-week winter holiday. A popular but sometimes dangerous hobby that deserves to be well insured against damage. Skiing remains a pleasure for its millions of practitioners, especially during the winter holidays, provided they take a few … Read more

For the food safety police, it’s a nightmare in the kitchen

AFP, published on Friday, December 9, 2022 at 10:06 a.m “We will file there, it’s not good.” Barely entered with their police escort in a dubious kebab at the exit of the station in Arnouville (Val-d’Oise), the agents for the control of hygiene understand that they have work to do. It’s almost noon before lunch … Read more

Live in the United States | 13 days

Live in the United States |  13 days

In the southeastern United States, Florida is the ideal destination for an unforgettable family adventure. There is no shortage of discoveries and activities, and the atmosphere that prevails there is unique. Head to Orlando to enjoy the many theme parks, a paradise for young and old. Visit the Walt Disney World park, including the Magic … Read more

Credit card insurance and travel insurance

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Bank cards are divided into several major networks in France: the main Mastercard, Visa and American Express The cards are divided into Standard, Gold, Black or Infinite subcategories for Mastercard or Visa and for American Express Blue, Green, Gold, Platinium. The travel insurance included in these cards is of two types: – insurance which includes … Read more

Why take out travel cancellation insurance?

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Here are 5 good reasons why it is useful to take out such insurance: When you book a trip in good time The more you book in advance, the more you increase the likelihood that an unforeseen event will occur between the reservation date and the trip. This guarantee covers you in the event of … Read more


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Comprehensive cancellation cover with appropriate excess: – Epidemic guarantee with a deductible of €30 • Quarantine of the insured in the 14 days before departure after contamination with COVID-19 justified by a medical authority. Proof is required. • Refusal of boarding by the insured following a temperature measurement or a positive result for COVID 19 … Read more

La Félicité, a new beacon of Parisian life

NARRATIVE – Since this summer, it is in the former administrative city that the Paris of tomorrow is taking shape. The H-shaped building has a café, an art gallery, a local market, a vast hospitality centre, etc. The Bonnie restaurant and the hotel – SO/Paris – are want the beating heart of this gigantic ocean. … Read more

The 10 Most Famous Streets in the United States

Shops, traffic, architecture… Some streets and avenues of the largest cities in the USA attract many travelers who discover them day and night. To visit major American cities by going to the essentials, follow our selection of the 10 must-see streets in the United States. From 5th Avenue in New York to Hollywood Boulevard in … Read more