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Tarbes. Urac-Sendère district: excessive speed and stray cats

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The last neighborhood meeting of the 2023 season was held in Urac-Sendère. On the menu excessive speeds, rudeness, stray cats and dead leaves.

For once, the neighborhood meeting in Urac-Sendère began with a tribute to two characters from the municipality, very regularly at neighborhood meetings, as it is Michel Parra, the head of the road service. , often called upon and Jean-Jacques Maufinet, his counterpart. in traffic and parking, claiming their right to pension, as the expression goes, at the start of the year. “This is their last neighborly meeting,” said Gérard Trémège, before asking for a well-deserved round of applause for these two faithful servants. After this moment of tenderness we came to the heart of the matter. Or rather subjects. As always, questions about excessive speed on certain streets flared up. “We know you do things”, stressed one participant, “you put up limit signs, but drivers don’t respect them.” However, there is sometimes a difference between the real and felt speeds. “We install educational radars that record speeds that are a little excess, but we send the periods in which they occur so that the police install targeted checks”, indicated Michel Parra. Another participant suggested installing speed bumps or baffles. There, it was Jean-Jacques Maufinet who stuck to it and explained that there were rules, that it was necessary to establish a “30 zone” around the area, which is not possible everywhere… “But we are on guard”, insisted. Gérard Trémège, “even if we cannot put a policeman in every street, this behavior shows that people respect less and less.”

Radical solutions!

Decidedly very “creative”, the district’s residents have imagined radical solutions. After one local resident pointed out the illegal dumping around the glass collector and textile terminal at the school, another simply offered to remove them “so as not to encourage people to dump garbage around.” Not bad, but the city hall prefers to install nomadic cameras and verbal applicants… Unauthorized parking was also discussed, one resident testified that a Symat truck could not access a buried container “because three cars were parked around, were we have to call pound.” Thierry Larivière, the head of the municipal police encouraged residents to notify as soon as possible when parking violations were observed. Another “chestnut” issue, if you can say so, a resident of rue du lac de Gaube complained about the large number of dead leaves falling from sycamore trees this season, also in her garden. “They should be pruned more.” Possible, but not relevant, according to Marion marin, the green space assistant. “We do judicious pruning, and not every year the trees wouldn’t support it.” An adorable little girl, a student in the neighborhood school, praised the quality of the meals in the canteen, but lamented that “the trays are plastic and thrown away after the meals, it would be better if they could be reused and recycled.” Gérard Trémège assured that the services were investigating the matter. And finally, one local resident pointed out the surplus of stray cats “that should be taken care of by the pound”. But if there is a pound for dogs, it is not made for cats. “We can organize sterilization operations, catch cats, operate on them, but we have to put them back in the same place, that’s the law”, indicated the specialists on the subject, “it’s complicated, the associations in charge lack volunteers. “



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