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Tarn: a shocking photo of food waste relayed by Hugo Clément embarrasses Burger King in Castres

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The committed journalist and activist for animal welfare, Hugo Clément, shared on his social networks a photo of a bin from a Burger King in Castres filled with food. What arouse strong reactions from inhabitants of the Tarn sub-prefecture.

On social networks, the photo shocked. Last night, the committed journalist and activist for animal welfare, Hugo Clément, shared on his account a photo of a “trash can filled to the brim with meat, vegetables, bread…”, he said. indicated before specifying that it was taken on Wednesday in a Burger King, in Castres, after verifications. What arouse a significant number of reactions from Castres, which we have collected today.

David, a customer remembers an episode that marked him: “Recently, Burger King made a mistake in my order and instead of giving me what I paid for and leaving me what they gave, they preferred to throw it in the trash! Two hot hamburgers!” A little further, Gwenaël is sorry: “A shameful waste and animals that had a despicable existence to end up in a trash can.”

Cyril, Saïxol and defender of nature, evokes another phenomenon: “Even though here the waste is in a bin. Some of the regulars of Burger King or McDonald’s unfortunately have the deplorable habit of throwing their packaging in the environment. Regularly realizing roadside waste collection is one of the waste that we find regularly.”

For Adam, it would be wise to rethink the principle of fast food: “We can wonder about the management of food within Burger King services, but the difficulty will remain in knowing how to combine hygiene and the fight against waste. Sometimes you have to make compromise. Less speed for less waste.”

“It’s certain, I will go less to Burger King”

Cascading testimonies that continue. Accustomed to the two restaurants located in the areas of Mélou and Siala, Noémie, 19, does not lose her temper: “Seeing this, it annoys me. Many people these days are starving every day and despite this, no one takes it. accounts or tries to improve the deficiencies. Overconsumption is something that has become normal unfortunately. Nevertheless, it saddens me because I do not understand why in this kind of situation (waste), these big brands of fast food do not do not benefit the poorest. For sure, I will go to Burger King less.”

Louis, the same age, continues and nuances: “It’s a shame to waste so much food when we see that certain countries are in famine. But I will still continue to go there because it remains good and fast when we are in a hurry. “

And Patrick, father, to sum up: “Scandalous is not a strong enough word to describe this photo when people are starving, I am ashamed for this sign, the easiest way would be to boycott this place, but unfortunately people don’t care about this kind of issue and will keep going.”


Despite our requests, our requests to the Burger King press service remained unanswered. “Food losses represent approximately 1% of the raw materials sold by our restaurants each day. It is both little and still too much. Our objective is to continue to reduce these losses”, replied Burger King to Hugo Clément, who extends “According to several BK employees, with whom I was able to discuss, this waste takes place in many restaurants of the chain, and is explained according to them by burgers prepared in advance, which are thrown away if nobody buys them. It can also be food accidentally dropped on the floor or food that has passed its use-by date, but according to the employees I interviewed, this does not represent the majority of cases. the photo, there were two bins full like this one. Burger King indicates that if the bins are so full, it is because the collection of bio-waste only takes place once a week, to ‘limit the nuisance sound'”.

Before concluding and announcing that this trash can is “obviously intended for methanization.”



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