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Technical control: angry motorcyclists from Lot-et-Garonne ready to demonstrate

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The French Federation of Angry Bikers of 47 is ready to demonstrate in the streets after the latest decision by the Council of State regarding technical control. Explanations

In its decision of 31 October 2022, the Council of State has considered the illegal cancellation of the technical control of two wheels due to the inadequacy of the proposals at environmental level Lot-et-Garonne (FFMC47) “Directive from the EU 2014/45 has nothing to do with the environment and is essentially about road safety”.
“We do not understand that extremist associations, ecologists of Parisian wounds have seized the Council of State”, cowardly, a little annoyed, Léopold Talou, coordinator of the FFMC Agen antenna. Regarding the reduction of pollution, it refers to the study by ANSES (National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety) from 2019. It shows that the use of two wheels as replacement cars, “significantly improves air quality”.
Then, according to the National Interministerial Observatory for Road Safety, approximately 8% of road transport is carried out on two wheels, while the report “Climate Key Figures 2022” from the Ministry of Ecological Transition (page 49) states that they account for less than 1% of total greenhouse gas emissions.

A meeting scheduled for Wednesday, November 9

For the FFMC47, the alternative measures to the technical control proposed by the government in collaboration with the associations of motorcyclists (FFM and FFMC), go much further to improve not only safety, but also the environmental performance of the two wheels.
The fatality rate has actually continued to fall for 10 years, as has the average for other road users, according to the report by the National Interministerial Observatory for Road Safety. FFMC also cites the MAIDS report. Published under the auspices of the Association of European Motorcycle Manufacturers (ACEM), it concluded that less than 0.5% of accidents are directly linked to a technical fault. This study was carried out over 3 years with support from the European Commission. These data are confirmed by statistics from French insurance companies, especially Mutuelle des Motards. For motorcyclists, there is no doubt that there is a willingness on the part of the lobbies to impose a technical control whose orientation is based solely on the search for financial profit.
This weekend, in Paris, a national office of the FFMC will take place. The topic of technical control will be on the agenda. It will also be next Wednesday in Agen, where the FFMC antenna, assures Léopold Talou, is ready to take action.



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