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TESTIMONY. A year after his escape, this cat is found near his old home… 500 km away

When Laëtitia De Amicis decides to leave Ambly (Meuse) to join her comrade at Ginai (Orne), near Argentan, she embarks with her “my two children and my three cats”. Due to a lack of a sufficiently large moving truck, she was forced to make a second round trip, on August 23, 2021, to pick up her last belongings.

When they return to Ginai, the De Amicis find out Coccitheir 10-year-old cat, has disappeared. “However, we were careful to leave them inside so they could get used to their new home”, explains the mother. After several weeks of research, helped by one of their neighbors who recovers the lost cats, Laëtitia, Margot and Tom come to the obvious: Cocci



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