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TESTIMONY. “I forced my daughter to give her dog to teach her a life lesson”

A father shared on Reddit the somewhat extreme decision he made for his daughter’s education. One thing is for sure, the latter did not fly with Internet users.

Why do it in half measures? A father who believed he was doing the right thing by his daughter made a decision, extreme to say the least, that seriously compromised his relationship with her. Faced with his failure, the man tried in vain to find support from internet users on Reddit. The Man Who Wants to Make His Daughter “a responsible adult” begins his story: “My 16 year old daughter has a dog she bought a few months ago. Her mom and I told her she could have one provided she takes care of himthat she pays for everything he needs and spends time with him”. So far, nothing alarming. The girl keeps her word for the first few weeks and everyone gets something out of it. But now, between resuming high school and her part-time job, the latter is starting to pay less attention to her hairball. “She works about 25 to 30 hours a week and spends at least two hours on her homework every night“, explains the father. ” Although her dog seemed nice, I felt sorry for him because she wasn’t home as often as she used to be…”.

Despite the father’s warnings, the daughter cannot afford to give her dog more time and the latter ends up stepping up to the plateinsists that she “finds a new home for her dog as she can no longer care for him”. “She argued with me for a long time about it, finally gave in and found a new owner. She goes straight to her room after work and refuses to talk to me. My wife is upset but hasn’t really chosen a side”, the man lets out.

Netizens were outraged

On the internet, it is total disapproval. “You can’t have butter and butter’s money: make her take full responsibility for the dog, including the bills, then force her to part with it”, writes one of them. “She will always regret that. You’re setting her up for failure by making her pay for everything, but also by making her think she’s working too much. How the hell is she supposed to pay for food and vet bills, not to mention her own clothes and school supplies, apparently without this job?”, protests another.



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