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The 10 most popular hybrid cat breeds

It is often said that interbreeding results in individuals with a very exotic physical appearance, and this applies to both humans and animals. When it comes to cats, we mostly talk about hybrids, when a domestic cat is bred with an untamed or wild cat breed to create a new breed. This type of crossbreeding can be done to achieve certain specific physical characteristics or to combine certain personality traits and other characteristics that are different from the different breeds. Whatever the reasons, here are 10 of the most popular hybrid cat breeds.

— Felicia Heisterkamp /

10. Pixie Bob

Commonly recognized as being a cross between a bobcat and a domestic cat, pixie bobs are believed to be the only companion hybrid cat breed to have occurred naturally. Like bobcats, pixie bobs have short, compact tails and tufts by the ears. Another specific characteristic of this breed, pixie bobs generally have polydactyl toes.



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