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The 8 most beautiful dog breeds, according to experts

Sometimes it’s their relaxed, friendly attitude. For others, it may be how fluffy their fur can get. And some dogs can even make us love them even more just because they look a little weird. Still, there’s no denying that certain types of dogs have a regal and majestic appeal that makes them unique.

1 – Samoyed

While some dog breeds are known for their athletic build or unique physical characteristics, others are praised for their luxurious coats.

Samoyeds have a thick, luxurious coat that makes them one of the most beautiful dog breeds.“, explains Daniel Caughill. ” They were bred as sled dogs in some of the coldest parts of the planets, which means they are hardworking, energetic and love to play in the snow. »

2 – Persian Greyhound

Certain types of dogs have been idolized for their looks for millennia. Such is the case with a race that has become the companion of some of history’s most legendary rulers.

The beauty of the Persian Greyhound has been the subject of wonder for thousands of years“, explains Travis Brorsen. ” It is part of the dog group and is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. This greyhound was a favorite of kings, ancient pharaohs and even Alexander the Great. »

But beyond their looks, Persian Greyhounds have managed to remain impressive by today’s standards. ” They have a supple body which makes them excellent for sprinting“, Caughill says.” Persian Greyhounds are loving and loyal and are great with families“.

3 – German Shepherd

The German Shepherd, undoubtedly one of the most well-known dog breeds, needs no introduction. His sharp features and impressive stature have made him almost synonymous with strength and security. And according to experts, it’s not just their appearance that sets them apart.

Made famous in the US by Hollywood dog Rin Tin Tin, this stoic beauty is known for her life-saving abilities in search and rescue, bomb detection and service dog work.“, Brorsen explains.

Loyalty, courage and self-confidence are just some of the characteristics of the German Shepherd“, he adds.” Although he is very versatile in his abilities, he can become very protective of his loved ones, sometimes to a fault.“.

4 – Standard Poodle


As the old saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, according to experts, beauty can also be in the eye of the person holding the clippers in the salon.

Although not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, the Standard Poodle is the epitome of a fancy dog ​​and is a breed known for its beautiful and extremely varied grooming styles.“, explains Georgina Ushi Phillips.

In fact, there are dozens and dozens of styles for the standard poodle, from the classic lion cut to the much more sophisticated cupcake cut and everything in between.“, she adds.

5 – Irish Setter

red irish setter dog in summer lying in the park on the grass - picture

The fur of different breeds can vary from curly and fluffy to almost non-existent. But a dog’s slim build and long locks have made him a favorite on the dog show circuit.

The Irish Setter is often called ” boisterous redhead“, Brorsen explains. ” It is known for its ability to adapt to families, especially small children. Remember that it takes patience to train it and it has a gentle demeanor, so positive reinforcement is a must. »

6 – Rottweiler

Beautiful Rottweiler family dog ​​sitting in the garden.

Like the German Shepherd, the Rottweiler is often seen as a symbol of strength and protection, especially when used in this area. But according to experts, this raw strength can overshadow the subtle beauty of these powerful dogs.

While many other breeds are known for their long lines and elegance, the Rottweiler is beautiful in a different way, with strong limbs and a boxy but still beautiful build.“, Phillips explains. ” The Rottie doesn’t have as many color variations as other breeds, but its classic black and brown pattern still looks great in its simplicity. »

7 – Weimaraner

two weimaraner dogs standing by a lake, top dog breeds

Weimaraners are a unique breed due to their natural eye-catching color that almost makes them look like steam. Combined with their characteristic bright eyes, their appearance is one of the most prized by experts.

Known as the ‘Grey Ghost’, the Weimaraner was kept secret by the German aristocracy until it arrived in the US in the 1920s“, Brorsen explains. ” President Eisenhower, movie star Grace Kelly and artist William Wegman were all beloved owners of this intelligent and energetic pup. »

8 – Butterfly

Papillon dog lying in the grass

Not all puppies need to be tall or imposing to be considered regal and luxurious. A fun-sized breed known for its looks and combative attitude.

The Papillon is a variety of the Continental Toy Spaniel breed. he is part of the group of companion dogs“, Brorsen explains. ” But don’t let their long hair fool you: this single-haired puppy requires minimal care, is one of the smartest breeds and one of the most competitive dogs in agility trials.

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