The A-kassen will experience changes in 2022, what are they?

A-kasse recipients are impatiently awaiting the new operating measures that the government has already mentioned. The management wishes to consolidate the applicable rules for return to work and compensation. What are the changes that the new project for the unemployment insurance reform has planned?

Focus on the changes brought about by the new unemployment insurance reform

If you are already a beneficiary of ARE (back to work allowance), you must be aware that the amount goes from €29.56 per day to €30.42 Per day. You should also know that there is a fixed part of AER. This progresses slightly from €12.12/day to €12.47/day.

The A-kasser reform project for 2022 allows for more extensive changes. The government intends to expand the applicable compensation rules. Remember that the draft of the new reform was already presented to the Council of Ministers on 7 September.

The unemployment insurance measures were adopted during the first five-year term of the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron. They expire on 31 October. In particular, the draft for the new reform of the unemployment fund plans to extend these rules until 2023.

In addition to the expansion of the compensation rules, there are other changes on the agenda:

  • Audit of Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE)
  • The adaptation of allowance conditions according to the economic situation
  • Change the duration of unemployment benefits by 24 months
  • Change the number of processed months needed to open the vacancy.

A quick reminder of the changes that have already come into effect since 2021

Let’s not forget that various measures have already been adopted for the unemployment insurance in 2021. There is especially a bonus-malus on short contracts. It makes it possible to modulate the unemployment insurance contribution rate (currently 4.05%), upwards or downwards, depending on the degree of separation of eligible companies.

The calculation of daily allowance was also changed on 1 October 2021. The daily reference salary is determined by dividing the salary received over the past 24 months by the number of working days or not. Taken into account when calculating the allowance, the number of days not worked will be limited to 13 days without work out of 30. It should also be noted that the allowance is degressive for high incomes.

Note that the list of unemployment insurance beneficiaries is not limited. Officials and employees in the private sector are eligible. Of course, there are always some conditions that must be met.

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