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The adorable statue of a cat who is celebrated by his neighbors after leaving this world

The adorable statue of a cat who is celebrated by his neighbors after leaving this world

Residents build a statue for a homeless cat. There is no doubt that cats are very cute animals who are excellent companions and are able to bring us the warmest companionship in our homes. However, not all cats are lucky to have a family or a home to belong to, some by choice and some by accident. But being on the streets does not always mean that they are suffering or unhappy.

For example, the crowded streets of Istanbul are now home to many cats that can be described as strays. Felines have learned to live surrounded by people and have completely adapted to all kinds of interactions. Walking around the city, you can find these animals everywhere, from subway stations to the smallest restaurant. Moreover, most of these cats are friendly and affectionate.

© Facebook / Anadolu Kedisi

For this reason, it is very common for felines to receive love and help from many people living in the surrounding area. Also, benevolence can be so strong that people can perform various gestures to thank these animals for being present in their lives.

That’s exactly what happened to that pussy, who after his death was honored with a statue in his favorite place, to be always remembered. Although many cats live in the Turkish metropolis, this cat was particularly successful in attracting the attention of locals and tourists who crossed paths with her.

This cat has been honored with a statue in his favorite place.

The cat was nicknamed Tombili, in Turkey this name is generally given to corpulent animals. But this cat was notable not only for her robust appearance, but also for her particular way of posing. She sat down on a bench while resting her paw in a calm manner. Her calm and carefree image suggests that Tombili had no major problems in her life.

© Facebook / Anadolu Kedisi

This distinctive way of posing has gone viral on social media. People all over the world were impressed with how this Turkish pussy enjoyed her day. Even tourists came to visit the famous resting place of Tombili in the hope of finding her nearby.

Unfortunately, this iconic cat has joined the stars. Many people mourned her passing, including locals who frequented the area where the cat used to spend her days. Tombili had become a very special cat to the locals and they wanted to do something unique to remember her and honor her passing in the best possible way. So right where this cat’s viral pose was captured, a statue was built to represent this unforgettable scene.

© Facebook / Anadolu Kedisi

This work was done thanks to a campaign on the platform, where the required number of signatures has been collected. The Turkish artist Seval Şahin was also commissioned to create the statue. World Animal Welfare Day, the very year of his departure, was chosen to unveil the statue of Tombili. People and animals who visit the place will forever remember the life of this unforgettable Turkish cat.



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