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The bars of L’Aigle ready to receive spectators to support the French team

The Aiglons mostly stayed at home in the first game… ©Illustration Adobestock

The memories of happiness and jubilation from 2018, some bars in L’Aigle (Orne) hope to relive them. Since Tuesday night, the France-Australia World Cup has already put many French people behind their televisions. More than 12 million had their eyes on the Blues. And the defending champions did not disappoint in this opening game.

In addition to the Qatar scandals and this unprecedented autumn period for this competition, the hope of seeing the French team play the main roles takes over. If some bars in L’Aigle refuse to broadcast it, others are already preparing to receive ardent supporters.

“A somewhat special World Cup”

Although the rods are ready and eager, the leaders are still cautious as the competition can stop at any time in the final stage. “The competition has only just begun”, recalls the manager Cafe Piazza. Moreover, he does not hide his impatience to rediscover the fervor of the previous edition. The latter has even already prepared special battle day aperitif plates to convince its customers.

In which bars should you follow the French team?

If some bars refuse to broadcast it, some are ready for the event. Here are the places where you can go to watch the World Cup matches:
– Pub/Brasserie O’Château, 11 place Saint-Martin
– Pub/Brasserie Café Piazza, Boislandry 7
– Brasserie La Halle, 4 place de la Halle
– Café de L’Europe (closes at 8pm), 7 rue Gambetta

Although the crowd was not at its peak during the first match, Aiglon hopes to see his young clientele at the meeting during the competition.

However, the context of this World Cup makes things different according to the latter. “It’s a bit strange to have a World Cup in the winter,” he said.

This observation, the pub O’Castle the division. “It’s a very special edition, it’s almost winter, it’s not as usual. »

Although the context is different, she, like her colleague, hopes to find such enthusiasm. In 2018, the pub was overcrowded on the day of the final, “we couldn’t accommodate anyone anymore”, she adds. In any case, the bartender feels ready to welcome the supporters. “I love the World Cup atmosphere,” she enthused with a smile on her face.

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“Who wants to see, see”

To “boycott” the World Cup, the bar managers in L’Aigle do not think about it. Even if some of their colleagues have made this choice in the four corners of France. The manager of the brewery The hall declines comment on the boycott. His motto is “who will see, see, who will not, do not see.” “Although she wants to broadcast the matches of the French team and the competition, the bartender does not seem to give in to the euphoria of the competition.

For others, football remains secondary. In the house of Coffee etc., football is not at the center of the priorities. “My clientele doesn’t come to watch football,” she said. This is also the case for PMU bars, which will continue to broadcast horse racing for their loyal customers.

In any case, for some bars in L’Aigle, the biggest international football competition already excites the thrill seekers. But beware, the games have barely started and the hope of reliving the emotions in 2018… still far away.

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