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The beautiful story of the cat Coxi, who traveled 600 kilometers to find his masters

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A cat has traveled nearly 600 kilometers to find its masters. Coxi had been lost during a move. She was found tired and emaciated.

It is well known: “a cat always lands on its paws”! The saying couldn’t be more true for Coxi, who has traveled half of France to find his masters. According to our colleagues from TF1 Newseverything starts in August 2021. The owners of the cat decide to move and leave the Meuse to settle in Orne.

Right after the move, Coxi disappears. “We searched, searched, searched… I stirred up the whole neighborhood. Unfortunately, no one had seen the cat”, says Lætitia De Amicis with our colleagues. The owners of the feline have no further news for thirteen months.

A journey of 600 kilometers

Coxi had actually embarked on an incredible odyssey, over 600 kilometers long, from Ginai (Orne) to Ambly-sur-Meuse (Meuse), his former home. “By luck, coincidence, coincidence, it (this cat, editor’s note) probably gradually approached, and that at a certain point it began to pick up smells, familiar sounds, which made it come closer to this house and find it in the end,” explains Joana Lagarrigue, cat behaviorist.

Neighbors spot the cat near her old home and raise the alarm at a place dedicated to missing animals. The animal was found in an advanced state of fatigue and weighed only one kilogram. The cat could finally be returned to its owners: “We shed tears, but then! We cried. Even the veterinary assistant was very moved. We will not forget that,” says Lætitia De Amicis.



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