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The carbon-free Rolls-Royce engine is ready!

Engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce announces that its UltraFan engine is ready for full-scale testing at its Derby test bed in the UK. This huge reactor was supposed to reduce fuel consumption by 25%.

The Rolls-Royce engine manufacturer has just announced that it is ready to test its protesterprotester UltraFan from the start of 2023. For these tests, it was placed on its giant purpose-built test bed in Derby, UK in 2020. This high dilution turbofan engine, known as the “zero” carboncarbon is the largest ever built. His entrance toairair measuring 3.55 meters and its huge blades in alloyalloy carbon-titanium engines are expected to be 25% more fuel efficient than the engine manufacturer’s first generation Trent family of jet engines.

During initial tests of the gearbox, the UltraFan’s output was measured at 87,000 horsepower or 64 megawatts, enough to deliver energyenergy a city with almost 100,000 inhabitants. This engine was not developed to equip a specific aircraft, but rather to test full-scale technologies that may be utilized for specific aircraft in the future.

10% less consumption

For these tests, it will be powered by 100% sustainable jet fuel. Initially, therefore, the idea is to improve the Trent reactors to reduce their fuel consumption and actually emissionsemissions of CO2. By combining this technology with architectures of hullhull optimized, the reduction can reach 10%. A course which does not seem very impressive, but which, on volumevolume flights, have a significant impact. However, the development of these technologies is not for tomorrow, because it will be necessary to wait until the 2030s to start seeing this type of device fly. On the other hand, certain technological blocks should land on the current engines and in particular on the latest A350s.




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