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The cities where your home insurance costs the most

Another bad news for households. Not surprisingly, home insurance rates are not spared by inflation and should continue to rise. According to a study carried out by the multi-service insurance company Leocare, premium prices will increase by an average of 8% nationwide in 2023. This increase is mainly due to the doubling of natural disasters in recent years due to global warming. But not all regions have homes in the sign, as there are large price differences compared to the metropolises.


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In its study, Leocare focused on home insurance rates in nine major cities. The insurance company has thus analyzed 540 insurance offers for houses (100 square meters) and apartments (60 square meters), made between November 10 and December 6, 2022. It is clear that the price of home insurance varies greatly depending on many criteria such as . and the characteristics of the home, the profile of the insured, the value of the property and the desired level of cover. For this reason, Leocare has set average rates for each municipality, taking into account different types of contracts (Premium and Eco) and different levels of guarantee.

High rates in the southeast

And the results are clear: apart from Paris, the municipalities where home insurance prices are the highest are in the South of France. With an average monthly rate of 21.32 euros for an apartment and 45.39 euros for a house, Nice wins the award for the most expensive city in France. Prices are also particularly high in Marseille (21.23 euros for a house and 46.86 euros for an apartment), and to a lesser extent in Toulouse (18 euros and 45.26 euros). “Episodes of floods and droughts are more and more frequent in the cities of the south-east, which drives up the prices of home insurance. These phenomena weaken housing structures, further increasing the risk of damage,” says Christophe Dandois, co-founder of Leocare.


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In Paris, insurance prices are also high (20.36 euros for an apartment, 48.39 euros for a house), despite weather conditions that are milder than in the south of France. This is mainly due to the value of real estate, which is on average much higher in the capital compared to the rest of the country. Vandalism, particularly numerous in Ile-de-France, also drives home insurance prices up there.

Unfortunately for household wallets, home insurance rates should continue to rise in the coming years. Under these conditions, in order to lower the bill, it is strongly recommended to adapt the guarantees in your contract to the actual quantities of your goods. It is also possible to find out the natural risks that your municipality is exposed to by consulting the website created by the government:



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