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The city of Paris will launch low-cost home insurance

On January 9, Parisian renters will be able to apply to take out multi-risk home insurance at a reduced price.

The significance test

The City of Paris will offer low-cost multi-risk home insurance to the most modest (and middle-class) Parisian renters which will be subject to resource conditions, Le parisien announces in its edition of the day. The insured home must be the beneficiary’s main home.

Between 25% and 30% cheaper than other similar covers

A preferential rate offered by the city of Paris in collaboration with the mutualist Vyv (MGEN, Harmonie Mutuelle and Mutuelle Nationale Territoriale) and the insurance company Wakam. This multi-risk housing insurance called “L’Assurance habitation parisienne” can benefit around 400,000 households from private or social housing. It must be between 25% and 30% cheaper than other similar covers, it is announced.

Remember that insuring your home is a legal obligation for renters, regardless of whether it is furnished or unfurnished.

Insuring a studio will cost €10.85 per month

For example, insuring a studio will cost €10.85 per month or €130.20 per year compared to €180 on average, or a saving of €50. For a two-room apartment, you have to pay €13.97 per month, i.e. €167.71 per year, compared to €233 on average among competitors, i.e. an average profit of €65 over 1 year. Regardless of the claim, the deductible will be set at €120. A 3-bedroom apartment will cost you €16.22/month, €17.12/month for a 4-bedroom apartment and finally €18.40/month for a 5-bedroom apartment and +.

A deductible of €120

If it will only be available from January 9, 2023, it is possible to start your procedures on the website (the insurance company will offer you a free month, it is indicated on the website).



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