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“The condominium, the parking lot and the squat”

PODCAST – Fourteenth episode of On your rights, get ready, go! helps you deal with a problem regarding the common areas of an owner-occupied flat.

I would like to install a barrier in my parking lot to prevent people from parking there. Do I need to ask permission from my co-owner? You do not necessarily need to obtain permission from the condominium to install a locking system in your parking space. It doesn’t matter if your location is private or if it’s a shared part that you only need.

On the other hand, according to the judges, it is necessary for this that the device’s ground anchoring is light and superficial, and that it takes on a discreet aspect with its shapes and dimensions. At least that is what appears from an already old decision from the Court of Cassation, since it is from 19 November 1997, but which has not been called into question since. In practice, you can install a retractable metal structure fixed to the ground or even a liftable barrier without formality. If, on the other hand, you want to prevent foreign occupation of the entire condominium’s parking spaces, it will be necessary to provide a more important device.

In this episode of On your rights, get ready, go!answers journalist Arnaud Saugeras to the question “Should I ask the owner of the apartment for permission to install a barrier in my space to prevent people from parking there?”. On your rights, get ready, go! is a podcast from the editorial staff of Le Particulier, presented by Arnaud Saugeras, and produced by Malika Moulai and Edith Tavignot. Benoît Campagne and Mahault Parent-Deschamps participated in the writing and production of this audio program. Julien Khunel made it happen. The sound design and editing of the episodes was provided by Bababam.

This episode titled “The Condominium, the Parking Lot and the Squat” can be found on Apple Podcast, Spotify and Cast Box starting November 2, 2022. A new episode will be available every Wednesday.




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