The cougar that killed a chihuahua will be caught


CaliforniaThe cougar that killed a chihuahua will be caught

Named P-22, the animal that lives near Hollywood has changed with age and has already attacked two dogs.

The P-22 is regularly filmed by surveillance cameras in the region.

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P-22 the cougar, which lives in the Hollywood Hills, must be captured, area wildlife officials announced Thursday. He had in November kidnapped a chihuahua walked on a leash to eat him, and on Sunday he attacked another dog. The owner of the latter, who also kept him on a leash, had to kick the cat until he broke free and fled. The dog escaped with stitches.

P-22, wearing a watch collar, has an estimated age of 12 years, which would make him the oldest cougar studied in Southern California. Most of these animals usually live about ten years. “This is an unprecedented situation where a cougar has continued to survive in such an urban environment,” the state’s wildlife department said as quoted by CBS. But as P-22 ages, the challenges associated with living in a residential area seem to increase, and the researchers note a recent change in its behavior.

Suspect in the death of a koala

The P-22 is known to have crossed two of the area’s busiest freeways, prompting authorities to build the world’s largest urban crossing outside of Los Angeles. This cougar was also suspected in the death of a koala in the city zoo.

Wildlife officials want to capture it to assess its health and then decide the best course of action for the animal while prioritizing the safety of surrounding communities.

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