the discontent of the heads of biological laboratories against Medicare

While the government plans to lower prices for biological actions, with the argument that Covid tests have filled their coffers during the epidemic, representatives of dissatisfied biological laboratories will be received on Monday evening by the director of health insurance.

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About ten days ago, representatives of disgruntled biological laboratories had already stopped sending the results of Covid-19 tests to Medicare for four days to protest the budget proposal for Social Security for next year, adopted at the first reading in the National Assembly on 31 October and which must be considered by the Senate Monday, November 7 in session.

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In this text, the government plans to lower the prices of biological laws. He believes the labs have already made a lot of money during Covid-19, especially with the money Social Security granted them for PCR tests. On Monday 7 November at 18.00 they will be received by Medicare’s director, Thomas Fatôme, and intend to be heard.

During the Covid outbreak, Social Security paid biology laboratories hundreds of millions of euros for testing as well as Covid-19 bonuses. In 2023, the government wants to save 250 million euros on this biology component. “It generated revenue, answers François Blanchecotte president of the union of biologists, and we agree to give back on these tests, we understand that.”

To achieve these savings, the government intends to lower the price of Covid-19 tests from next year, but also of all other biological procedures, from 2023 and in the years to come. And this is where biologists disagree. “This means that at that point it is no longer a public health problem, Francois Blanchecotte storm. We will directly attack the management of the laboratories, and this is of course where the consequences can be very serious.

“This will affect all laboratories in the area and especially those that are deserted, with a high risk of some closing in the countryside.”

François Blanchecotte, president of the union of biologists

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If, at the end of the meeting on Monday evening, the biologists’ representatives believe that they have not been heard, they will call for a strike from 14 November.

The dissatisfaction of the managers of biological laboratories against health insurance – the report of Solenne Le Hen

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