“The dogs gathered in front of the goat fence”: this pair of Azureans fight to ban hunting on their property


Brigitte and Gilles Stalenq’s dream of living peacefully on their property, surrounded by their animals in semi-freedom, continues to take a beating.

The fault of those who for two years have not stopped hunting on their large plot of about 6 hectares, according to this pair of olive growers based in Seillans.

On Sunday, they have been there again – the eighth since last September and the opening of the hunting season – surprised a pack of dogs that come to kill game.

“The dogs gathered in front of the goat pen, who were terrified, says Brigitte Stalenq. I yelled to try and get them to go away. We don’t know what to do anymore.”

The couple lodged a complaint with the Fayence gendarmerie brigade and intend to lodge a complaint if the dogs continue to enter their private property.

“A lot of stress”

The olive grower continues: “However, we have taken the step to ban hunting on our land. (read elsewhere) two years ago. At first the hunters came anyway and I had to ask the press to stop it. (read our edition of 22 October 2021). Since then they stay off our grounds but send their dogs to flush out the game. However, it is prohibited. And every time it creates a lot of stress for our animals and ourselves.”

The hunters, they wanted to make sure they were right. Their dogs would not destroy the game, but would simply pursue prey that had already been washed away on another ground. Which is actually not illegal.

Word for word

Dog educator and behaviorist at the end of the training, Brigitte assures us: “These dogs don’t chase an animal or they would howl. But they sniff everywhere. They are looking for prey to hunt! And it’s forbidden. It upsets me. I wish more of us would ban hunting on our private reasons. I know many are against hunting, but are afraid of hunters. But if we become more and more opposed to this terror that they make to rule, we will be stronger.”

Gilles ends a little disillusioned: “The neighbors assured us that they saw the hunters set up in front of our land and sent their dogs there. This is not normal. We raise goats and other animals that we care for on a land that we bought and therefore belong to us . And which we ban hunting. It’s just incompatible. They put constant pressure on us by doing it… simply to enjoy their hobby on land that doesn’t belong to them!

We tried to contact the local hunting company, La Seillannaise, to no avail.



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