The dramatically low state of ammunition stocks in Europe and the United States

General Thierry Burkhard, during a presentation in 2020. The current chief of the defense staff warns about the stocks he has. Reuters

The war in Ukraine has revealed the starvation of Western ammunition reserves. The staff is faced with the imperative need to increase them very significantly.

To the west, ammunition stocks are running low. And the pace of the war in Ukraine is not the only culprit. “Everyone agrees that these (military) stocks were quickly depleted because they were almost empty”lamented Josep Borrell, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, last week during a meeting of the European Defense Agency and once again called on Europeans to invest.

He is not the only one raising the alarm. Although the quantities are not comparable, the US Army is also concerned. The Pentagon has announced two contracts worth 500 million euros to build new production lines for 155 mm ammunition. The Chief of Staff, General Milley, also announced a “examination» US stocks to check their adaptation to the risk of conflict. “We will then go back to the industry to make the necessary corrections to ensure that we …

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