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The electric arcs for hybrid cars

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According to a survey carried out this summer by Argus de l’assurance, the French have again favored the purchase of hybrid cars this year. This study, which was conducted exclusively on car purchase intentions, revealed that electric cars are not as attractive as expected given the benefits offered by hybrids.

Why this lack of enthusiasm for electric?

Despite a future without new thermal cars – remember that the EU has voted to ban their sale from 2035 – and the purchase subsidies offered by the government, electric models are also not living up to the expected success this year. In particular, the explosion in electricity priceswhich discourages French drivers from investing in plug-in vehicles.

Great success for the hybrid and for the petrol

31% of buyers say they are ready to buy a hybrid car. This type of vehicle offers a welcome consensus in this period of energy crisis where any doubt is allowed. It gives access to a greater flexibilityenabling drivers to travel long distances and not be dependent on refills.

For its part, gasoline has a bright future ahead of it as it continues to win 28% of purchase intentions. The conversion of vehicles to Superethanol E85, which makes it possible to obtain a lower price at the pump, partly explains this success.

The craze for diesel cars running out of fuel

Meanwhile, the diesel scores very poorly, with 8% fewer purchase intentions compared to 2021. Overall, they stagnate at 13%a very poor score despite a increasing pollution of this energy. These results can be explained in particular by an increase in diesel prices at petrol stations.



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