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The foolproof trick to finally keep your bread fresh revealed by bakers

© The foolproof trick to finally keep your bread fresh revealed by bakers

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There is something heavenly about freshly baked bread. Scientific studies declare that in addition to its perfume and its taste when fresh puts people in a good mood and predisposes them positively to others.

Unfortunately, we don’t always have the opportunity to consume it fresh and it is therefore difficult to maintain its freshness, sweetness and fragrance for a longer period of time.

On the contrary, leftover bread becomes hard and loses its flavor as it ages. Being able to keep bread soft and fresh for several days is possible thanks to a baker’s trick.

How do you not waste your bread?

We know that freshly baked bread is the most irresistible. But if it happens to you to have leftovers, do you know how to store fresh bread? Because today, more than ever, the password is not to be wasted! Not to mention bread, one of the most important foods in our diet.

Freezing your bread: the mistake not to make, follow these tips

Before you learn how to store it properly, it is good to know that when it ages it becomes dry and loses its flavor.

In fact, and contrary to what you might think, it absorbs a lot of moisture. Unbelievable, right?

The explanation for this phenomenon lies in the ingredients that the bread contains : flour and water and therefore starch, a lot of starch.

When it comes into contact with water, it causes the starch to regress and return to its original crystalline structure.

Therefore, if we remove moisture while baking bread, by adding water instead, and thus increasing the air humidity, the reverse happens.

The trick you absolutely must know to keep bread fresh for 15 days without freezing it

As the retrograde progresses, the water goes from the crumb to the outer crust.

Here’s what not to do

This is because stale bread tends to be hard in the middle initially, but with a soft crust. So when it is very old, it loses all its moisture and becomes very dry.

But if you don’t know bread preservation methods, it is easy to make small mistakes. They could then compromise on its fragrance and quality.

First of all, there are some things you shouldn’t do. For example, it is absolutely inadvisable to put bread in the fridge, because it loses its crispness and becomes a bit soft.

It happens due to a starch transformation process. It is faster with temperatures close to freezing.

In addition to freezing bread, There is a trick to keeping it fresh for several days.

Baker’s tips for keeping your bread good

the baker’s trick, is to wrap the bread in a tea towel or in a paper bag and place it in a dry place.

The cloth to be used for holding its softness must be 100% cotton and strictly white and soft.

In fact, a dyed cloth with moisture could transfer the dyes to the food and make it toxic.

Simply moisten it with running water and wrap the bread. Then surround the good on all sides.

Then put it in a bowl and keep it away from any heat source. In this way, the bread remains intact, it will lose very little of its aroma.

The larger the loaf, the longer the storage time.



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