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The fraudsters are ready to draw: the gendarmes in Haute-Garonne warn of the scam of the season

The gendarmes of Haute-Garonne are warning the public against fake sellers of calendars. Only firefighters, garbage men and postmen are allowed to do so. (©Presse de la Manche/

He sees so friendlyso good-natured, with his penitent smile, his cap on his head, and the smoky plume which he exhales in the morning freshness, that it would seem almost incongruous not to refrain. open your gate or front door.

Fake calendar sellers, real scammers

Under the arm a pile of cardboard visuals on which kittens and puppies take in the lion’s share of mountain landscapes and poppy fields. Selling off calendars is a distinctly seasonal activity, the professions authorized to exercise it within the framework of Christmas gifts (postmen, firefighters, garbage collectors) is now in working order. They are not the only ones.

In a Facebook post writes Haute-Garonne Gendarmerie warns people against scam of the moment : fake calendar sellers who harm officials while abusing the generosity of victims. For as nice as he seems – the villain’s basic quality – his intentions are less laudable than the agents who provide service (to) the public.

“Mistrust, especially if there are two of them”

The police insist: Distrust, especially if there are two sellers. Often a person hijacks [votre] attention, while the other can e.g. commit theft”. To help the population discover the true (seller) from the fake (seller) – taking into account the release of ashy gallinets that do not enter there – the soldiers remember some tips common sense.

“Ask for the professional card of the person who introduces himself and, of course, do not let him into your home. When selling calendars, the institution’s official logo (fire department, municipalities) must appear on the item sold and very often there will also be a picture of the team”.

Gendarmerie of Haute-Garonne

And if a police officer going to knock on the door, smile over the shoulder and pile cardboard, ultimate distrust: this company is not allowed to sell calendars!

What to do ?
In case of abuse, call the gendarmes of Haute-Garonne call immediately 17.

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