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The funny meeting between a cat and its neighbor has fascinated many Internet users (video)

A furball living in Milan has a way of welcoming the new residents of her building. In a scene immortalized on TikTok, she casts a telling glance at her neighbor. Thousands of netizens rushed to react to this astonishing encounter…

The Dodo returned a few days ago to a story ” odd between 2 people sitting on their balcony. The first is a young man named Leonardo, the other is a tabby cat with a piercing gaze. Their meeting on the rooftops of Milan, Italy resulted in a scene that went viral on social media.

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@bennynazareth / TikTok

Whereas Leonardo filming the bottom of his street, he turns his phone to a rather… intriguing neighbor. This is the famous cat mentioned above, and the least we can say is that his neighbor’s presence does not leave him indifferent.

A look that says a lot

He stares at him straight in the eyes, never moving. It was the perfect opportunity for internet users to humorously imagine everything that could go through the cat’s mind…


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? original sound – ????Daycore ver.????

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Many of them saw him as a real threat to Leonardo ! ” You should move! » ; ” Call the police! » ; ” He reminds you that you are with him, here “, we could read among the comments. The young man also describes his neighbor as ” spy but wouldn’t it be the hospital making fun of charity?

Leonardo has not heard from his nosy neighbor since he posted this video on November 7th. But we are confident that each of their meetings will remain a moment rich in emotions!




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