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The galgo, a lively and calm Spanish greyhound

The origins of the galgo

Head to Spain to discover the origins of the galgo, a large greyhound used for hare hunting in the open. This breed of dog is ancient: already present in the Middle Ages, the galgo could belong to peasants as well as to bourgeois and nobles. In the XVIIIe century, Francis I lost the battle of Pavia and was taken prisoner. Charles V, then King of Spain, decides to offer a galgo to the King of France! Three centuries later, the galgo is crossed with the Greyhound (English greyhound). The goal? Increase your running speed during hunting sessions. Namely that galgos are victims of many abuses if they are considered to be bad hunters. It is their masters themselves who mutilate them and make them suffer. More and more Spaniards are protesting against these cruel practices towards the galgos.

The physique of the galgo

  • height: between 60 and 68 cm (female) or between 62 and 71 cm (male);
  • weight: between 20 and 25 kg (female) or between 25 and 30 kg (male);
  • hair: soft, short and longer at the back of the thighs;
  • color of hair: all colors are allowed;
  • head shape: elongated and of reduced width. Small nose and long snout;
  • eye shape and color: almond-shaped, small in size and displaying a gentle expression;
  • ear shape: set high, triangular in shape;
  • other particularities: long tail and low attachment.

The character of the galgo

This greyhound is a dog appreciated for its calm and affectionate character, touching look. He gets along wonderfully with children and other animals: he is a true friend to man. He tends to be suspicious of strangers, without being aggressive. Lively and energetic, the galgo needs to let off steam outdoors. He should ideally live in a house with a garden.

The health of the galgo

The Spanish Greyhound is a hardy dog ​​that needs weekly brushing. Their hair, skin and eyes should be checked regularly by a veterinarian.

The galgo is not predisposed to a particular pathology. According to a study conducted by The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, only 2.1% of greyhounds develop hip dysplasia during their lifetime (0.0% according to the study for the Italian greyhound). An exception: the Afghan hound, which has a 5.7% risk of suffering from this malformation of the coxo-femoral joint. Symptoms ? Difficulty walking, increased fatigue, signs of stiffness or altered behavior.

The galgo lives between 12 and 14 years. A suitable and high quality food is essential to avoid the risk of bloating.

The galgo price

To adopt a galgo, you will have to pay between 650 and 1,200 euros. To this, add around 500 euros for annual maintenance costs.

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