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the galley of two victims of the storm Alex still not compensated

Two years later, these residents of Breil-sur-Roya have not returned to their homes. For good reasons, their insurance struggles to recognize the damage.

Never compensated by their insurance, two victims of Storm Alex have still not returned to their respective homes. Two years later, these residents of Breil-sur-Roya (Alpes-Maritimes) are fighting for compensation.

Among them, Jean-Marc Juares is forced to live with his sister. Every night it is the same ritual: he unfolds his mattress to sleep on the floor. However, he continues to pay the costs of his damaged home.

“We are sent fees to pay, it is really unacceptable”, he is indignant at the microphone of BFM Nice Côte d’Azur.

Despite several requests, Jean-Marc Juares’ insurance did not recognize the claim. Today, he says he is ready to take action with a lawyer.

“An amicable solution”

Many of them are in the same situation as him. One of the walls of Christophe Ferrand’s house, another victim of storm Alex, was heavily damaged.

“There we have all the facades, all the palisades that flew away with the storm, he explains. I put up a fence while I was waiting for the repairs.”

He has been fighting hard for compensation for two years. In response, his insurance announced it was terminating “all his contracts from January”. But if the wall is not repaired quickly, the worst is to be feared.

“Having a wall where the repair bill is so huge, with kids going to school, you can’t afford to pay for that wall. So it’s a wall that might stay. -to be like that for life, without repair until it falls on someone on the public highway.”

A catastrophic situation that the town hall is aware of. “When it doesn’t work, with the delegated prefect Xavier Pelletier, we bring in the French insurance federation to try to find an amicable solution”, explains Sébastien Olharan, mayor of Breil-sur-Roya.

In total, in Breil-sur-Roya’s town center, around 30 families have still not found their homes.

Manon Aversa and Solenne Bertrand



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