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the graduation of the duration of the compensation adopted by the National Assembly

During the first reading, the deputies adopted the first article of the bill on unemployment insurance. This article provides an opportunity to modulate unemployment benefit depending on the labor market situation. The text will continue to be considered on Wednesday, October 5, before it goes to session in the Senate. 25th of October.

Both the left wing and the deputies of the National Assembly protested at the time of the adoption of this article of law. According to the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macronthe purpose of this amendment is that unemployment insurance should be “stricter when too many jobs are unfilled, more generous when unemployment is high”.

The conditions for this new form of unemployment insurance will be discussed with the social partners for a period of time 6 to 8 weeks, then decided by decree. The government wanted to implement this reform immediately to meet the needs of several sectors such as hotels, restaurants and construction. The goal of the executive branch is to achieve Full employment before 2027. Today unemployment is 7.4%wants the government to return at 5%.

This article is strongly contested, especially by La France Insoumise, which responded through the president of its parliamentary group, Mathilde Panotwho claimed that this text “declare war on the unemployed“. The representative of the National Rally, Caroline Colombier condemns “the authoritarian method” by the government.

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