The harvest season opens with Milleis Vie

The insurance company Milleis Vie inaugurates the return ball in 2022. The first player to launch, a few days before New Year’s Eve, reveals a performance of 1.20 points over a year. A revelation that looks like a Christmas present to its policyholders, as the return on the fund in euros thus goes from 0.95% to 2.15% excluding management fees and gross social and tax deductions in 2022.

The result still doesn’t beat inflation, but approaches the return from regulated savings accounts, beating the rate for the Livret A savings account, which has been at 2% since last August. The products affected by this increase are Epargne vie Milleis, Capi Milleis and Barclays Prestige. “We welcome this trend, which allows us to better reward our policyholders in the current context, while continuing to favor the long-term performance of our Eurofund.said Patrick Thiberge, CEO of Milleis Vie.

In a context of rising interest rates, tension is expected on the publication of the fund’s returns in euros from insurance companies and mutual companies. Many of them are likely to use their profit sharing to improve performance. The place will, with perhaps a little more impatience than usual, pay special attention to the publication of Afer, which was to take place on January 12.


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