The health insurance company “deeply” regrets the strike from biology laboratories

Sygesikring said on Tuesday, November 8, to regret it “deep” call for a strike initiated by liberal biologists starting on November 14th and continuing “to favor dialogue with the representatives of this sector”.

This reaction follows the call to “renewable strike” trade unions of biologists, after a meeting on Monday evening with Thomas Fatôme, the director general of the Health Insurance, who according to them “closed the door to any negotiation”.

Came to discuss a puncture limited to 250 million euros, as set in the social security budget, but “only in the year 2023”they explain that, on the contrary, they received “a new planer proposal even saltier than originally envisaged” : 280 million next year, then 322 million per year until 2026.

“They can make an effort of DKK 250 million.

Health insurance “deeply regret (this) strike call” and assures in a press release that its proposals “are fully sustainable” for the biology sector, “given the level of profitability observed in 2019” and “the effects of the health crisis, which in turn strongly supported the increase in this profitability”.

“With a gross operating profit of 3 billion, they can make an effort of 250 million.also declared the Minister of Health, François Braun, during a meeting on Tuesday morning with the Association of Journalists of Social Information (Ajis). “I maintain the goal, it will succeed”he said, adding that “the discussions are open” on “the best way to get there”.

An “unacceptable” boycott

Negotiations had already been suspended for a week when the laboratories stopped sending the results of the Covid tests to the health insurance between 27 October and 3 November. A boycott condemned “unacceptable” by the government.

The biologists have also received support from the 11 Liberal Health Associations (LDS), which “give their support” to the announced strike, considers himself “all threatened”.

“It is unthinkable that the state and health insurance unilaterally decide the pricing of all liberal health professions”they explain in a press release.


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