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The health insurance reform worries childhood cancer


Health insuranceCancer-affected children threatened by the law reform

The Childhood Cancer Association in Switzerland has launched an information campaign against a revision of the law. She fears “inadequate handling” of certain medicines.


While the Confederation is currently in the process of a consultation on a reform of the executive order on health insurance (see box), the Children’s Cancer Association in Switzerland is concerned. According to her, the revision “could make it even more difficult to access life-saving medicines for children with cancer and would exacerbate existing difficulties in covering the costs of medicines”. In response, she launched a campaign to raise awareness among the public and policy makers “about the threat of inadequate care”.

With the revision, controlled clinical trials will now be required and must “show a benefit of at least 35% compared to standard treatment, or if there is none, compared to placebo”, the association explains. . Problem: “Many drugs on the list of specialties do not meet” this condition, laments Childhood Cancer in Switzerland.

A situation that would have “dramatic consequences”, as “subsidizing a treatment would become even more difficult and the chances of a cure would be significantly reduced”.

Coverage of all medications

For the association, “in future, all medicines that are necessary for the treatment must be covered”. It requests “the support of a committee of independent experts in the field of pediatric oncology empowered to make binding decisions” to support the medical advisors and assess the therapeutic utility of a non-standardized treatment.

Approximately 350 children affected each year




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