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The heart of the city in light, Hivernales, Fééries du Peyrou… ready to light up the holidays in Montpellier

What form will the gigantic structure installed this year in the Peyrou Gardens take? (©CN/Metropolitan)

From 25 November to 1 January, Montpellier Party Christmas. An important meeting point for traders in the city center characterized by different animations to short people and tall people including the mayor Michael Delafosse and the president of CCI Hérault Andre Deljarry detailed program.

Cœur de Ville en Lumières returns

“This is an important moment for traders and the city. We will finally be able to take over the Cœur de Ville en Lumière, which was initiated by the CCI”. After four canceled editions, the event returns on November 25 and 26 from 18: 30 to 22:30 Ten emblematic places in Écusson will be highlighted with maps produced by in particular 200 students from six creative schools in the city.

After four canceled editions, Coeur de Ville en Lumières is back for two evenings.
After four canceled editions, Coeur de Ville en Lumières is back for two evenings. (©CN/Metropolitan)

In a context of energy crisis, the event is reduced from four to two days with shortened show times (7 minutes) and a new generation of more energy efficient projectors. The return of Coeur de Ville en Lumière is still good news for Montpellier city centre. More than 200,000 visitors have attended each of the previous editions.


If Estivales was not organized on the Charles de Gaulle esplanade this summer, the Christmas market can take place there from November 25 to December 26 with 88 cabins and four rides. With a demand for quality, a jury selected the craftsmen. “We avoid the made in China to find high quality craftsmanship” assures Michaël Delafosse. Daily entertainment is planned.

A little further on, a 12 m high tree, decorated and illuminated in the colors of Christmas, will be installed from the end of November in the Place de la Comédie. The large light installation, usually located in front of the cinema, moves to the Peyrou gardens because of the works. If he did not reveal the form it will take, Michaël Delafosse said: “Every year we challenge the company not to be in the routine”. Bets are open…

Peyrou fairies

Until recently described as “the bad conditions of the holidays”, Peyrou’s gardens welcome the Fééries du Peyrou for the third time. From December 3 to January 1, visitors will be able to discover decorations around the theme of Christmas to amaze young and old.

Les Fééries du Peyrou, a delight for young and old.
Les Fééries du Peyrou, a delight for young and old. (©CN/Metropolitan)

The highlight of the show as every year from the globe, what structure will succeed the gift package and the heart? Indications only, it will measure 8m high by almost 10m wide and 4m deep. It will consist of 39,480 LEDs for a total power of 2,368 Watts, which is equivalent to two microwave ovens, and made from a material from recycled plastic bottles.

Videos: currently on Actu

To save energy and without “doing like some mayors by sacrificing them”, the lighting of the city center, consisting of integrated LEDs, will flicker from last year. The launch will take place on Saturday 26 November with a symbolism desired by Michaël Delafosse. “It’s Montpellier’s birthday. I think it’s interesting to ritualize this date. It will be an important time of celebration in the city,” he said.

Animations of merchants

André Deljarry did not fail to remember the importance of the celebration of the end of the year for traders who achieve 25% of their annual turnover in the period. “This is a very important moment. More than 1,000 companies, two-thirds of which are independent, make up the wealth of the center of Montpellier, generating more than €600 million in turnover,” emphasizes the president of CCI Hérault.

Several trade associations will offer events such as an alto decoration competition, an illumination of the rue de l’Ancien Courrier, promoting the diversity of the shops in the rue de l’Aiguillerie… The Plein Center committee will very soon present the whole system planned to revive the streets of Écusson as the holidays approach. The operation “Un air de fête” is already planned with Montpellier Airport from November 28 to December 15 in the shops of the city center to win 50 plane tickets to Rome, Madrid or Lisbon. “The ingredients are there to have a fantastic holiday,” André Deljarry concluded, establishing “the true permanent partnership between the city, the metropolis and the CCI Hérault”.

By his side, Michaël Delafosse shows the same enthusiasm as the holidays approach. “We continue to increase the attractiveness of the city center. For three years there are additional things every year. We saw it during ZAT, people needed to be amazed, to share, to meet between generations… Even though times are tough, we still have to to hold on. Not wanting to do anything adds to the gloom. In Montpellier, we must continue to bring the energy and pride of our city to what is happening there and to support our merchants”. An optimistic message launched despite some grumble The truce for the confectioners arrives with the holidays…

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