the heartbreaking tale of a woman who didn’t like cats and ended up adopting one

Yes Stanley is a well-known Australian comedian, author and radio and television host. In the columns of Sydney Morning Heraldshe delivers a touching story, that of the arrival of a cat in her life and the special place she has occupied since then.

I was never a cat person until I met Maggie “. The title of her testimony perfectly sums up the transformation she experienced thanks to this cat, who recently celebrated her 19th birthday.

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Yes Stanley was 31 when her cat-loving husband adopted 2 kittens from the same litter. Maggie and Kenny. Before she met these 2 little creatures, the mother of the family was not a big fan of felines. She even had an extremely negative view of it. ” I thought cats were as unattractive as a spilled hairball.she confides in this regard. Or your brand new carpet torn to shreds. […] Or a dismissive look that makes you imagine they are plotting your death “, continues the native melbourne.

Witness of a lifetime

As soon as his eyes met they met Maggie and his brother, all these received ideas have passed into oblivion. What she also didn’t know at the time was that these young quadrupeds would change her forever. ” Thanks to Maggie and Kenny, I learned that I could be someone I never expected to be. “, she says matter-of-factly.

She remembers one Kenny slim and elegant, with a graceful gait and full of charisma. To Yes Stanleyhe was even the oneIdris Elba of the cat breed. This cat is unfortunately no longer of this world; he died 7 years ago. Maggieshe has always been sweet and adorable and has never had the slightest manifestation of aggression, even when her daughter, then an infant, kissed her a little too hard.

Maggie has been in all the most important stages of its owner’s life, but also lighter moments, those that characterize everyday life in a family like any other. ” She witnessed moments of dancing in the kitchen and laughing on the phone. The boring intervals and the crying moments on the bed “, Narrator Yes Stanley.

invaluable support

Today, although the cat has grown old and has become deaf, her mistress is still very surprised to talk to her as she does to her daughter.

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She hopes to have him by her side as long as possible, this being who has always been her unfailing support. In particular, she mentions: the long nights when I can’t sleep, when anxiety makes my heart beat in the dark. The thickness of his fur, his purr, his light weight, all ground me and bring me back to this present moment. Our hearts beat together and calm me down. […] What would I do without her? »

To finish, Yes Stanley just say ” grateful for every minute shared “with Maggie.


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