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This year, inflation is throwing households into great financial difficulties. Therefore, the food bonus is highly anticipated

This end of the year is very difficult for the French. Given inflation and the explosion of energy prices, help is not refused! The food bonus may well land in the next few days!

First-class food: the help we’re all waiting for!

Many households find it increasingly difficult to live due to inflation. Prices have skyrocketed since the war in Ukraine. The price of energy is actually very expensive. Petrol, gas, electricity … the price continues to rise! The households are therefore in a more than precarious situation. It is therefore a very hard time, especially at the end of the year, when the temperatures are very low. Some French even set the heating to zero to not see their bill explode.

These people also prefer spending on food, for example. So one thing is for sure, a good diet would not be denied! At the end of 2020, Emmanuel Macron made a promise. The thing about handing out a food bonus. The goal is to help all households afford quality products. But the president has been talking about it for almost three years, but we still don’t see it.

Minister Bruno Le Maire has therefore confided in the first-class food : “I’m ready to look at all the choices. But they must hold the road. That is, the French men and women can use them. I’m not going to tell them: “We have found a fantastic device.. .You will be able to go to your store to pick up organic products. Or French people who want to benefit French producers”.

Help is coming very soon

Then the Minister of Economy continues: “No, I don’t know how. And I have the honesty to admit it. No one has therefore offered us a device that is therefore operational against a peak that is there.”. But then the question arises, when will the French receive this bonus food? MP Mounir Mahjoubi therefore gave an estimate. According to him, the State should therefore distribute the food bonus between 30 and 60 euros each month and per person.“The total budget can then amount to hundreds of millions to two billion euros”, he adds.

Then he admits: “The total budget can then amount to hundreds of millions to two billion euros “. But that’s not all! The Minister of Agriculture said a little more about the payment date. He then talks about “the year 2023” for the first payment of the food bonus. Know that the state also and above all wants to help young people aged 18 to 25 who have fairly low incomespp. But also families with children who also have modest incomes.

As you have understood, this bonus is therefore eagerly awaited. Julien Denormandie, Minister of Agriculture, said more about this premium food: “You have almost 8 million of our fellow citizens who are struggling to get access to local productions, quality productions, our French productions really. And so we have to give them a helping hand to help them acquire that.”. One thing is certain, the premium food can only do good for the French. Hope it comes very soon!

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