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The incredible adventure of the cat Cocci, who disappeared for more than a year



Article written by

S. Lemaire, B. Odolant, T. Tourbier – France 2

France television

His masters despaired of finding Cocci. The cat finally reappeared 13 months after its disappearance. Explanations.

This is the story of a cat who was homesick. Arriving in Normandy during the relocation of his masters, Cocci suddenly disappeared a few weeks later, in June 2021. The family, originally from the Meuse, thought their cat was lost in the wild. But now, a year later, the cat is found 10 km from its old home.

On a platform of messages dedicated to stray animals, the family immediately recognizes their cat. The animal was obviously not convinced by the Normandy, but slammed the door and hit the road for a journey of… 600 km! When the animal was found, it was emaciated, full of fleas. Even today his behavior is different. The cat is wilder than before, note its masters. From now on, Cocci acclimatises to Norman times. After 13 months of wandering, hug therapy is still the best remedy.



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