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The Insoumi want to be ready in case of dissolution

Appointed shadow MP for Vienne to prepare for any expected legislation, Clémence Guett will be in Poitou on Friday.

Leader of the list of Insoumis in the regional elections of New Aquitaine in 2021, Poitevine Clémence Guett is back in Vienne and Deux-Svres this Friday, November 18, to support the anti-Basins Sainte-Soline and opponents of the project close to 1,200 Coussay-les-Bois bulls, but also to structure the movement.

You were elected MP for Val-de-Marne last June. Why don’t you introduce yourself
in Vienna?

Clemence Guett: The main reason is personal: Jean-Luc Mlenchon’s presidential campaign [dont elle tait la porte-parole] Paris picked me up and in the same period I moved to Val-de-Marne. It was more complicated for me to make a sustained campaign, at height, further.

We do not have
a fan club

And then our campaign in the region had made it possible to bring relatively solid militant teams into Vienne. In the end we have a deputy for Nupes (Lisa Belluco, EELV) in the first constituency, we didn’t make it far in the second and we were almost in third in the second round.

Who currently represents the LFI in Vienne?

These are militant teams who would not appreciate having one name put forward over another. Our legislative candidates have been clearly identified. And so, even though she is not LFI, Lisa Belluco had a great campaign with Insoumis.

You also come to Vienne to structure the movement with local branches. Is the idea to move from Jean-Luc Mlenchon’s fan club to a real party?

I do not share this appreciation. We have never been a fan club. We are a political movement that won 22% in the first round of the presidential election and 26% in the parliamentary election thanks to the energy of activists on the ground. The idea is to join this dynamic to organize the movement which will remain a movement and not a political party to leave the maximum possible freedom to the militants. We put coaches at their disposal to lead the culture match. We will also set up a non-supervisory headquarters in France in each of the departments where there are no MPs, such as in Vienna. We want a room, a place to meet and store equipment. And if we do all this, it is not to get a good job from journalists, but because we have to be ready to fight.

You have been selected to be the LFI Shadow Member of Parliament in Vienne. What is this mission? Do you want to be the representative of the movement?

I make myself available to Insoumis to advise, accompany, support local struggles. We want to form a network of ecological resistance and social struggle. I am not here to represent LFI. There are leading couples in each constituency. Once again, we do not want to become a proper party. We are groups of activists.

Do you also want to prepare for the next elections, especially the municipal elections in Poitiers 2026, where the LFI is not in the majority of the EELV mayor?

The wish, shared with Lisa Belluco as the Nupes deputy, is that this alliance can last and that each force feels good about it. It is too early for municipal elections. If we appoint substitutes like me where we have none, it is above all because dissolution is possible at any time and we want to be ready.

Insoumis de la Vienne will hold a general meeting on Saturday 19 November 2022 from 14.00 to 18.30 at the Chasseigne Poitiers mill.



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