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The journey of the senses in Marrakech Chez Gala

In the very chic 8th arrondissement of Paris, it’s new festive restaurant to know : At the Gala! Since opening in October, the establishment has been packed, and we can easily see why. At Paris Secret, we pushed open the doors of this enchanting establishment and dined in its velvet, served like kings. Return on experience.

Chez Gala, our favorite festive restaurant in Paris

Festive restaurant Chez Gala Paris

By pushing the doors shut At the gala, a new universe is offered to us. Immediately: the trip, the change of scenery. A subdued atmosphere, a spectacular setting, smell of incense… Chez Gala offers us one a road to Marrakech. Red velvet benches, oriental lanterns, stained glass windows, beautiful tapestries, drums, exotic plants… In this cozy atmosphere we are ready to begin our sensory journey by candlelight.

Dancers, musicians and immersive decor

At Gala Paris

On the turntables, the DJ alternates between hits from the 80s, oriental songs and contemporary music. Barely installed, the show already begins with a guitarist going from table to table, much to our delight. Already in total immersion, we decide to taste Chez Gala cocktails. We choose the Sofi cocktail with green cardamom-infused gin extended with champagne, accompanied by its splash of champagne. We are also seduced by oriental flavors Keya, made with bourbon, orange blossom, orgeat syrup, Manzanilla sherry and citrus foam. A real favorite for these cocktails crisp and couldn’t be more tasty, suggesting a culinary journey quality.

A sensory journey from starter to dessert

    At Gala Paris

While the smell of spices makes our mouths water, we allow ourselves to be tempted by the starter Kefta-style lamb and veal skewers and their mint sauce to die for. The world’s hummus in 3 colours seduce us with their flavors of avocado, fresh mint and coriander; Northern beetroot and hibiscus oil and candied lemon, chilli and Iranian black lemon. With great care, the servers do not fail to explain to us with fervor each combination of flavors and tastes of the chosen dishes.

As the evening progresses, the atmosphere chill becomes overexcited. While a magnificent oriental dancer curls her curves as the tables pass by, all the guests start dancing, singing along and climbing onto the tables. A festive and friendly atmosphere that immediately makes us think Counter Darna of Marrakechplus Parisian chic.

At Gala Paris

Finally, make room for the main dishes, whose flavors have excited all our senses. We taste a tasty shredded chicken fillet, compote of onion, almonds and cinnamon and its poultry juice with saffron. Also available in version paththis subtle lozenge oriental will seduce lovers of sweet and spicy. Served in a dish in earthenware marked Gala, chicken tagine, green olives and candied lemon perfectly executed transports us to a Moroccan Riad. As an accompaniment, we can only advise you to choose the traditional semolina and to mashed carrots with cuminboth subtly fragrant.

Even though we are full, we allow ourselves to be tempted by a light dessert, to end on a nice sweet note. The freshness of orange salad with cinnamon flavor thus completing our sensory journey wonderfully. By the way, we still squinted at the dessert to share with our table neighbors: a splendid one Pavlova with ganache whipped with orange blossom, lemon cream and pistachio praline.

A one-way ticket to Marrakech

At Gala Paris

In Paris, while some trendy and festive restaurants may disappoint in terms of the quality of the cuisine, Chez Gala promises you just the opposite. Its smart, immersive universe, its cocktails and its elaborate and perfectly executed dishes, his intoxicating shows, the friendliness of the staff… Chez Gala has it all. At Paris Secret, we can say it: we had one real favorite of this company and we lived an experience without any false note. If Chez Gala is thus very popular due to its reputation, we can only advise you to book well in advance.

Festive restaurant “Chez Gala”, 6 rue Arsène Houssaye, 75008 Paris – Wednesday to Saturday from 19.00 to 02.00 – reservation required

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