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The Last of Us franchise is dedicating THE most popular sport in the United States

news culture The Last of Us franchise is dedicating THE most popular sport in the United States

In the US, American football is a “religion”, but beyond that, the country of Hollywood, Orson Welles and HBO sometimes turns away from sporting evidence. On Sunday, the series The Last of Us achieved the feat of dethroning the king of sports in the United States on Twitter.

Available in France on Prime Videofirst episode of The last of us provokes many emulators. For good reasons, the series is particularly anticipated, and HBO, its producer and broadcaster, has decided to make it its flagship work at the beginning of 2023. It is clear that the bet has won on the side of the United States, the series remained at number one on the US Trending Topics for a while, the most popular terms and hashtags on Twitter. If this does not seem impressive from our European point of view, it is above all the relationship with the competition that is shocking.

It is clear that the first episode, which chronicles the adventures of Ellie and Joël, was broadcast at the same time as the final stages of the American football championship: the NFL. These last games of the season are the most watched programs each year on American television for more than 10 years. Nevertheless, the enthusiasm surrounding The Last of Us must remain measured. At the moment, it’s only about the reactions that have been provoked on Twitter. As of this writing, it’s unclear if HBO’s new show has surpassed the game that took place at the same time in Ohio in terms of viewers in front of their screens.

An impressive performance in the United States

It’s a feat that we hardly realize on the other side of the Atlantic: The Last of Us generated more reactions on Twitter than the NFL game that was broadcast in parallel. So to guide you, we give you a little plan for this great show. In the USA, the evening of Sunday 15 January, i.e. during the night in Europe, was marked by two events. On one side, The Baltimore Ravens challenge the Cincinnati Bengals in the NFL Wild Cards Playoff, the most important professional league in American football. It was a particularly important match as it takes place in the final stages. Whoever wins it will be able to go to the conference semifinals and will be two games away from the legendary Super Bowl, the annual final of the favorite sport in ‘America.

At the same time, the private channel HBO aired, for Home Box Office, the first episode of its flagship series: The Last of Us. The latter is inspired by Naughty Dog’s hit game. Released in 2013, the narrative adventure game was a real slap in the face to the video game industry. Quickly, it revolutionized the genre of narrative games and established itself as a benchmark to follow. A formula that some studios have rushed to adopt, sometimes with profit. Despite this, the game was highly praised by critics and players alike, with the first game selling over 20 million copies. The series, it has received a reception equally full of congratulations. Eg. was the end of the press review embargo on RottenTomatoes the maximum rating of 100% given to early episodes.

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