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the lawyer Etienne Nicolau is dead

Etienne Nicolau died at the age of 77. For nearly 50 years, he pleaded in several hundred trials in Perpignan, including the most famous: the case of the disappeared from Perpignan station. “He taught me everything,” says Master Capsié, lawyer for the civil party, during this trial, like him.

He was a model for me“Philippe Capsié’s emotion is palpable. Maître Nicolau died, swept away by illness, on the night of this Sunday May 15 to Monday May 16, 2022.He taught me everything, I owe him everythingIn 2018, the two men were notably the lawyers for the civil party during the trial of Jacques Rançon, the killer of the missing from Perpignan station.

A river trial 23 years after the facts. Etienne Nicolau has supported the families all this time. ” He accompanied his families, he made all this time the necessary link with the investigating judge and the investigation services,” recalls Philippe Capsié.

The human soul has not changed. We find today the same crimes as fifty years ago

Etienne Nicolau

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But there was also the Van Geloven affair or Patrick Tissier. The human soul has not changed. We find today the same crimes as fifty years ago”, analyzed Etienne Nicolau, in 2022; in an interview with Midi libre. He had just released a new book “Criminal errors”.

He had to quit his job for health reasons. “Those who have lived in this universe of assize courts find it very difficult to leave it. In each file, I did not see the crime, but the human beings affected by the crime. And give your all to defend another human being, there is nothing more beautiful.”

I would be very bad if I was not convinced. Lying is counterproductive

Etienne Nicolau

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Etienne Nicolau also experienced the evolution of pleading. ” Eloquence is less and less present in favor of technical and logical demonstration “. The lawyer has always tried not to go against his convictions and has refused to plead for anyone he thinks guilty. “I would be very bad if I was not convinced. Lying is counterproductive,” he explained to La Semaine du Roussillon.

Etienne Nicolau unveiled his affairs on the antenna of France Bleu Roussillon, from 2007 to 2010. He also mentioned them on the boards in 2011, telling three affairs of the department in a show.



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