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The lawyers of the bar of Saint-Brieuc stand up against the reform of the judicial police

In a press release, the Order of the bar of Saint-Brieuc questions the merits of the project to reform the judicial police. The latter plans to place the judicial police under the authority of a new departmental director, himself placed under that of the prefect.

The bar recalls that the independence of justice and the guarantee of the equality of citizens before the law require that the judicial police be placed under the control of magistrates of the judicial order”.

Consultation request

Concerned about the consequences of such a reform, he considers that “justice would not have the means to implement a criminal policy” who would then be “under the supervision of the Executive”.

The Saint-Brieuc Bar Association therefore asks “a wide consultation with the actors of the maintenance of public security and the protection of public and individual freedoms”. A condition sine qua non “prior to the implementation of any reform which, in any event, must not have the effect of undermining the rule of law”.




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