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The little puppy found by the journalists from La Montagne in Thiers has just been adopted

The air froze, and a continuous drizzle had fallen since morning. Real dog weather. On Monday, November 21, around 2 p.m., one of the journalists was from The mountain crossed paths with a very small dog. Tiny. There he was, all alone, in the middle of a puddle on the Place Duchasseint. Seeing the moist eye of this trembling creature, the reporter was immediately taken with tenderness. Impossible to leave this animal. The team then disrupts his schedule to help him. Go to the Moutier vet.

The puppy must have been barely a month old when he was found in the parking lot at Place Duchasseint.

The specialist examines the little dog and says: “He has no chip or tattoo. Given his young age, this is not surprising. Following the advice of the vet, the little dog, who was in the meantime dubbed “Titus” by the journalists from Thiers, is brought to the municipal police in the town hall premises. This is where people picking up an animal go.

In the administration, the arrival of this little ball of fur caused a sensation. Employees from all floors flock to admire it. Titus was in good hands. The story could have ended there. But the editors at Thiers went out of their way to find out the fate of its little mascot.

Every year, more than 100,000 animals are abandoned in France, according to SPA.

Adopted immediately

The rest of the story is Muriel Faure who will tell it. “They went around the offices to find out if anyone was interested in adopting him,” says the accountant-in-training who was then interning in the city of Thiers. After ten days at the pound “in case someone claims it” and a week with a foster family from the Animal Welfare Association (APA), the dog was adopted by this Sermentizonaise. “We wanted another dog and Monsieur wanted a dachshund,” she explains. That’s good, this one probably has a little dachshund in his genes.

An articulated prosthesis for Botter, a small donkey “full of life and good in the head” from Adada in Ambert (Puy-de-Dôme)

Thanos is the eighth dog that Muriel Faure has adopted in her life.

His new family called him “Thanos”. He would be a little over two months old today, according to the association, which carried out a veterinary examination before entrusting him. “They told me he couldn’t see clearly. Maybe that’s why he was abandoned,” the forty-year-old said to himself.

It hurts my heart. He couldn’t have defended himself so small.

In his new home, Thanos has already made his mark. He gets along well with the other animals in the house. There is no doubt that he will flourish with his new masters.

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What to do ? If you find a stray animal and it is possible to approach it, you can take it to a vet, or directly to a shelter, town hall or police station. If you cannot recover it, report its presence to the same services.




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