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the mistake not to make and everyone makes mistakes! – Tuxedo board

Do you like to always have fresh bread at hand? Then the solution freezes! Find out how to do it…

Bread is a staple food. Usually bought fresh, it also has the advantage of being frozen. But there are a few rules you need to follow… We’ll tell you which ones!

Bread, this essential food!

How is your purchasing power in this month of January 2023? After the holidays, some budgets feel the effects of inflation more strongly than others. That’s why the current sale is a true gift to do good business.

At the time of good decisions, some of you have certainly also decided to change your habits. It could be the urge to quit smoking. But also to eat healthier and get more involved behind the stove!

What if you decided to get your hands dirty by making your own bread? An important accessory to our meals, bread is bought by the vast majority of us in bakeries.

But it is not always easy to keep it long and fresh. Depending on the weather, it softens quickly or hardens after sometimes only a few hours. Therefore, to keep it for a long time, there are no 36 solutions : you have to freeze it.

This is the most commonly used anti-waste solution. This method allows you to keep your bread for several weeks or even months. This allows you to ration portions and thaw it at any time, according to your needs.

But you still need to follow a few rules to avoid health problems. Be aware that bread can be frozen whole, halved and even sliced. It’s about put it in a freezer bag dedicated to this purpose. Avoid putting it as it is in your freezer. Because ice could form. And then it would become inedible.

The best tips to optimize its conservation

Also say goodbye to the plastic bags from your fruit and vegetable department. As well as the fabric models. Your bag must be of good quality, airtight and not have been used for other purposes.

Bread thus frozen canned stored for up to six months. It’s a real plus if you don’t always have the opportunity to buy some. You can of course freeze all kinds of bread.

White, with grain, sandwich bread… It’s up to you to choose what you always want to have on hand in case of the unexpected! To find the way, do not hesitate to Mark the freeze date of your bread on the bag which is used to wrap it.

You know how long you’ve been putting it in the freezer! Once you are out of there, two solutions are available to you. Allow to thaw before consuming. Or put it in the oven for a moment to restore its crispness.

To do this, you need to moisten its surface. After that bake it at 200°C for 3 to 5 minutes. Then you get good, warm bread again, as if it came out of the bakery.

Another option for those who don’t have an oven: throw the bread in the toaster. To succeed, take your bread whole or cut into pieces out of the freezer a good half hour before you grill it, so that it regains its elasticity.

Frozen slices of bread can be defrosted directly in the toaster. A significant time saver at breakfast time when you have to hurry before leaving for school or work.




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