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“The person presented himself as being from health insurance”

Quentin filed a complaint after being alerted by an insurance company which he said had “abusively” attacked him. An investigation is underway, led by Fraud Enforcement.

There are many phone interception attempts. Quentin had bitter experience with that. The problems started with a simple phone call.

“The person introduced himself as health insurance and told me about a recent reform that would give me the right to a lot of things. She gives a lot of information about me, and most of the information is information that the public has. I therefore confirm this information, including my IBAN, to create a “personal space”. At least that’s how they portray it,” he says.

Except it’s not a personal space at all, but an insurance policy. Two contracts, even, that Quentin unknowingly signed electronically when he confirmed on the phone a code received via text message.

It’s mutual insurance and legal protection, contracts Quentin has never seen. On the other hand, he received a payment plan over a year with a deduction of 40 euros per month. He sent a termination request by mail. But in the process, the company sent him formal notices threatening a bailiff. So he ended up filing a fraud complaint. From the end of the conversation with the telephone counselor, however, Quentin had had doubts and the right reflex.

“I objected directly to my bank. The problem is that at no point do they present their approach as a commercial approach. On the phone I did not get the name of the company in question. When they spoke to me directly about health insurance and reform, I said myself that they weren’t trying to sell me anything”, he explains.

“They know that on the phone we don’t really listen actively, so they take the opportunity to drown the fish and leave very quickly to leave very little time for reflection,” insists Quentin.

More complaints in a year

The company, based in Cambrai, calls itself Milligestion, Millicourtage or even UCR. “RMC is committed to you” asked management to explain these sales methods. No feedback from them so far. What is known is that it operates through brokers. On the schedule that Quentin received, Agence75 will appear. The premises are believed to be on the prestigious avenue des Champs-Elysées, but impossible to identify. And on the phone we didn’t have much more success.

The FB group titled “abusive canvassing” has amassed 500 subscribers in a year of existence, all victims of Milligestion/UCR methods. They tell the same scenario: an adviser on the phone who says he works for health insurance or their mutual, contracts signed without knowing it, for amounts up to 500 euros. Everyone we spoke to complained. They also reported the company to fraud enforcement. The DGCCRF, contacted by us, responded that it could not communicate about investigations that are potentially ongoing.

Amelie Rosique with Guillaume Descours



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